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Fatboy Lounging and Lifestyle Furniture

Fatboy says that the time of sofas and rigid lounge chairs is over. They believe that people should be liberated from the confines of bulky frames, pretentious materials, and the oppression of form in conjunction with comfort. Basically, they think that chairs and sofas are outdated and the world is in need of change. That's why they created their line of comfy, amorphous, and multicolored bean bags, poufs, and lounge seats.

The One, the Only, the Original

Every Fatboy product is easily identifiable through its bright red tag, though it's just as easy to spot them through their playful shape. What started with the Original Fatboy, a multicolored pouch of bean-bag inspired comfort, has since transitioned to a full line of wistful and cozy seating solutions. The Buggle-Up takes the same general shape of the Original Fatboy and converts it into a chair with a back. Just a simple strap enables the chair to provide back support. They added padding to traditional hammock designs to create the Headdemock, and they even make comfy respites for your pets with the DoggieLounge. Don't forget to light up your bohemian lounge space with an Edison the Petit Lamp!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Fatboy stocks all of their products and ships orders within three days from the time of purchase. If you're looking to outfit your reading nook, dorm room, or hookah lounge with really comfortable and casual seating, look no further than Fatboy. You can mix and match colors for a rainbow effect or go monochromatic. If you want high quality rest and relaxation without worrying about a bulky or rigid chair, look no further than Fatboy.