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Bertram Sofa Bed
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Takara Ladder Rack
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Michael Apartment Sofa
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A Frame Bookshelf
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Innovation Unfurl Sofa Bed
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Lilac Standing Screen
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Orchid Nightstand
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Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf
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Kara Loveseat
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Entryway Cubbie Shelf
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Mattina Breakfast Set
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Berkeley Bedside Table
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Eames Compact Desk
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Cecil Sofa
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Aimee Wilder Blooms Rug
$358.80 $287.04
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Tulip Dining Table
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James Apartment Sofa
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Space-Saving Furniture for Apartments and Lofts

Shop our broad selection of chairs, sofas, tables, and storage to enhance your apartment or loft.

From expandable tables with hidden storage compartments to modular shelves that fit your space no matter what, Smart Furniture is the perfect solution for all your apartment furnishing needs. Based on an array of patented interchangeable shelving components, our signature line of Smart Shelves can be designed to fit your space in whatever way you'd like. There's virtually no apartment space they can't fit. With free design assistance (and no obligation to buy), a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty, Smart Shelves are ideally suited for apartment and loft dwellers.

Our modular shelving is perfect for those who move frequently. Do you find yourself dreading changing apartments because moving your furniture is overly difficult? We can make your situation easier. Our shelves can be taken apart in minutes, boxed up again, and moved in sections, meaning you won't have to beg your friends to help you move that 5' wide bookcase down the stairs (and damage it in the process). When you put your Smart Shelves together again in your new apartment, you may find yourself wondering what other shapes you can make out of it. That's because it continues to conform to your space, no matter where you go.

Smart Furniture also carries select space saving furniture pieces that are a perfect match for apartment dwellers or anyone who moves frequently. Our expanding tables expand and collapse to meet your changing spaces and needs, and our variety of nesting tables presents a convenient space saving option for apartments with limited room.