Space Saving Storage

Today, it's not just people who are multi-tasking. This collection of space saving furniture features hidden storage and/or a modular design that can be customized to fit wherever you live today - or wherever you may live tomorrow.

Maybe the most practical and necessary attribute for apartment furniture is the ability to save space and combine purposes. This section is a brief tour through some of our best space-saving shelving options.

The Bailey Leaning Desk and Bookshelf is a one of a kind space saver. It combines a desk and two bookshelves in a single slim package that could fit practically anywhere. It's also extremely inexpensive - yep, it's perfect for apartments.

The Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf is a great way to put your storage on the wall and not on the floor. This nifty little cubbie keeps your floor space open and available, and lets you keep important stuff at eye level.

Conceal Floating Bookshelves are great for storing your books without wasting any space at all. The shelves themselves are very thin and impossible to detect unless you're looking up at them. Your books will appear to literally be floating on the wall, with nothing holding them up or extending past them.

Smart Shelves. You didn't think we could do a section on saving space without Smart Shelves, did you? These save space because they can serve two, three, even four purposes at the same time. They can also be built to your specs, so that they never take up more space than you want them to.

Those are just a few of our great space saving shelving options, but they’re some of the best. Remember, when buying apartment furniture, you need shelving that's going to save space, perform multiple tasks, and express your personality all at once. You can get that at Smart Furniture.