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The BDI Avion II has a truckload of features built in that downright spoil TV fans. You've probably never heard of some of these features, like IR-friendly glass doors so your remote controls can access your media consoles while they're hidden safely inside the TV stand itself, or built-in ventilation systems that keep your consoles from overheating. When you see everything that BDI has packed into the Avion, you'll see why it's their flagship TV Stand.

The Avion II is a premium product. But once you've experienced it in your own home, you'll see that this is about as far away from your average, everyday entertainment center as you can get. It looks great, it's user-friendly, and it simply makes your movie nights better.

Features include:
  • Concealed speaker compartment
    Multi-function drawer or compartment with a fabric insert for use with concealed speakers

  • Hidden wheels
    Allow the entire system to be rolled away to access cables and connections

  • Cable management
    Integrated wire management features conceal wires for a clean appearance

  • Integrated levelers
    Leg assembly features easily adjustable levelers to accommodate uneven floors

  • Adjustable shelves
    Make it easy to accommodate consoles of different sizes

  • Flow through ventilation
    Shelves and cabinets feature ventilating slots to help keep media console units cool (and prolong their life)

  • Tempered, IR glass
    BDI glass shelves are virtually shatterproof, and they are compatible with the IR (Infrared) signals used by many remote controls, meaning your media consoles can stay hidden and still be fully functional

  • Removable back panel
    Makes it easy to adjust cords in the back of your Avion. Back panel can also be left off to accommodate larger consoles

Becker Designed Inc. was founded in 1984 by Bill Becker with the goal of making top-notch modern furniture design accessible to the public. Today, BDI is best know for its home entertainment systems, but it has also applied its vision and craftsmanship in its lines of tables, shelving, and mirrors. BDI is located in Chantilly, Virginia.