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BDI Sequel Desk

The minimalist Sequel Desk by BDI is a perfect fit for the modern office. The overall look is sleek with steel base, 3 wood veneer color options, and black micro-etched glass surface. Features include a desk drawer, internal power strip, and integrated cord management.

BDI Sequel Return

The Sequel Return from BDI is another space conserving desk top that can be added on to with storage. It has a slimmer table top and comes in 3 color options.

Sequel Compact Desk

The Sequel Compact Desk is perfect for those needing to conserve office space. It has a modern and structured design with steel base. Features like cord management and an internal power strip make your desk space clean and organized. It comes equipped with a catch all top drawer. Choose from 3 color options.

Sequel Storage Cabinet

The Sequel Storage Cabinet makes office your office the organized space you dreamed about. The top drawer allows for all necessities to be neatly stored, while the cabinet below makes for easy office supply storage. Three color options available.

Sequel CPU Cabinet

The Sequel CPU Cabinet by BDI keeps your CPU out of sight and protected from the hazards of office life. The door opens on both left and right sides for flexible access while wheels allow for easy mobility. Get more out of your office with the Sequel CPU Cabinet.

Sequel Lateral File Cabinet

Another worthy addition to the home office or workspace, the sequel Lateral File Cabinet by BDI will help organize the paper trail that is necessary for the work grind. Both letter and legal size paper can find a home in the 2 file drawers. Choose between 3 color options.

Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet

The perfect addition to an office, all unsightly work materials and electronics can be neatly organized with the Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet by BDI. It is equipped with a file drawer and side drawers, printer ledge and shelf. Choose between 3 color options.

Sequel File Pedestal

The Sequel File Pedestal makes the perfect companion to the BDI Sequel Desk. The mobile pedestal fits snug under the desk top, while offering much needed storage with 3 pull-out drawers. Choose between 3 color options.

Sequel Peninsula Desk

The Sequel Peninsula Desk by BDI is added to a Sequel Storage Cabinet to create a corner office unit or a collaborative work space. The micro-etched glass top is sturdy and sleek. Pick between a left or right facing model.

Sequel Tall File Pedestal

The mobile Sequel Tall File Pedestal is mounted on locking wheels, which allows it to become the same height as the Sequel Desk thus adding to much desired desk top space. Two file drawers can be used for letter or legal sized files. Pick between 3 wood veneer color options.

Sequel Bridge Desk 6013

The Sequel Bridge Desk 6013 from BDI is a component that allows you to customize your office as it bridges the gap between two BDI Sequel storage units. The credenza created by joining the units creates a desk space with a drawer for a keyboard, mouse, and other necessities.

Sequel 3-Drawer Cabinet 6014

The slim and sleek Sequel 3-Drawer Cabinet 6014 put office organization within reach. The lower drawer allows for letter or legal size file storage, while the upper drawers are a catch-all for the office supplies you need in a flash. Three color options are available.

Sequel Corner Desk 6019

The Sequel Corner Desk 6019 by BDI allows you customize your workspace with a corner desk unit. Add it to any two Sequel Cabinet to construct the desk. The micro-etched glass top is sturdy and sleek. The steel frame of the component piece allows for built in wire management.

BDI Sequel Return Side Panel


BDI Sequel Return Back Panel


Sequel Compact Desk Back Panel

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BDI FurnitureSmart Furniture is committed to offering furniture pieces that make every day tasks easier. The BDI Sequel line was designed to help the consumer have a more organized and clean workspace, while still allowing for maximum use of technology. This line of furniture permits the worker to use as many technological devices as they want as well as eliminates the clutter generally associated with them. BDI Sequel offers unique ways to solve your integration issues.

The BDI Sequel collection includes two desks: the 6001 and the 6003. Both of these desks offer features to help maintain your sanity in the midst of what seems like thousands of cords and cables. The 6001 desk offers a system drawer. The system drawer is multi functional and provides an ultimate spot for a keyboard, mouse, and any rechargeable objects. The desk's drawer combines a full featured keyboard tray with a deeper than usual compartment for charging cell phones, cameras, iPads, iPods, or any other electronic device. The cables stay together with the use of integrated management slots created for wires. The drawer is also lined with a non-slip neoprene that eliminates the need for a mouse pad, creating one less piece of clutter in your workspace.

Magnetic panels are another great feature used in this line of furniture. These panels make it easy to keep all unwanted signs of technology out of view. These panels conceal power cords, cables, and wires. When you need to access your connections, the panel effortlessly flips down to allow access. All of the Sequel desks come standard with a front panel, while the 6001 includes a back panel as well. When the desk is positioned against a wall the back panel can be removed so that the user has direct access to wall outlets.

BDI Office Furniture

A great feature of the Sequel Compact desk is simply its size. The size of this smaller desk makes it easy to keep all of your items together and in one place without taking up too much room. This desk features a single level drawer, and can hold larger keyboards. The slots in the back end of this desk make it easy to keep all of your wires organized.

Another great attribute is the tilt down front panel that can attach magnetically to these desks so that you can easily access any wall outlets you may need for portable devices. This added aspect of the desk makes it a perfect for fit for anyone who brings their work home on a regular basis.

All of these elements together create the perfect furniture pieces for Smart Furniture consumers. These pieces are not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also genuinely helpful in creating a more put together office space.

The Sequel Return 6002 provides additional space as an accessory to the desks. The Return can also serve as a great laptop station by itself. The sequel Compact Desk is reversible and ideal for smaller spaces.

BDI Sequel office furniture comes with a micro-etched glass top. This black tempered glass has a non-glare surface that is fingerprint resistant. This aspect of the furniture will cut down on the amount of dusting and cleaning needed on your BDI Sequel products, fitting them into a busy lifestyle. The glass top is compatible with an optical mouse, and the unique surface treatment provides a luxurious feel as well as a smooth writing surface for the user. All of the Sequel desks also come equipped with a power strip mounting kit including high strength magnets.

BDI Sequel Mobile Components are available to help keep all of your files and office supplies together. These mobile components are created to sit beside or underneath the Sequel Desk. These components are movable and can easily be rolled to whatever work station you are using at that time.

The Sequel 6006 CPU Cabinet serves as a storage space for your computer towers. The CPU cabinet keeps the tower protected and out of sight, providing a clean look for your office space. The cabinet includes locking casters and a ventilated back panel perfect for your tower. The door of this cabinet can be reversed to open from the left or right depending on how you have set up your office.

The BDI Sequel collection of cabinets comes in a variety of storage options. The Sequel 6015 is perfect for keeping up with supplies and various projects. The Sequel 6015 offers an extremely deep and full extension top drawer. The lower divided compartment of the cabinet offers two separately adjustable shelves, which allow the user to customize their cabinet as needed. The Sequel 6016 Lateral File Cabinet offers a secure storage space for legal sized files. The cabinet offers a locking feature for the storage of private or confidential files. The cabinet offers two generously sized drawers with anti-tip hardware. This feature allows only one drawer to open at a time as a stability feature. There are alternate lock and key sets available for this product. The Sequel 6017 is the best option for a smaller home office. This multifunction cabinet is equipped with a single lateral file drawer and a sliding shelf perfect for your printer. The cabinet also features two smaller storage drawers allowing the user to keep everything easily within their reach. These cabinets are available in three different stains including natural stained cherry, walnut, and espresso stained oak. These features allow all of the cabinets to perfectly accompany the BDI Sequel Desk and Compact Desk.

When the original pieces are combined with these accessories, they make for a perfect combination in a larger office. Granted you could not fit all of these pieces in a small home office, even one piece would significantly increase your ability to organize all of your office needs. Smart Furniture is always seeking to provide answers to your furniture dilemmas and the BDI Sequel Collection is a great fix to any organizational predicament. From simple issues to larger organizational problems, there is a piece in this collection that can answer your needs.