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BDI Semblance Storage Collection

BDI Semblance Storage Collection

In 1984, Bill Becker had a vision of making great design available to everyone. Frustrated by the "trade only" distribution of the best-designed contemporary home furnishings, Bill was inspired to build a company that could develop and manufacture designs that would actually be accessible. After starting with a single coffee table design, BDI has grown to be a force in contemporary home furnishings and an industry leader in home theater furniture.

Semblance - BDI's most configurable design - reflects a desire to come up with actual solutions. Rather than just making furniture and throwing it out there, BDI has developed a reputation for thinking through the needs and habits of those who use its furniture. Starting with the most impressive and multi-functional lineup of entertainment centers we've seen, BDI has continued to make quality furniture for both home and office. And now, Semblance enters the mix. So what is Semblance?

Summed up, Semblance is a modular system, built from components that can be flexibly chosen (and re-configured) to suit your needs. Gorgeous walnut veneer vertical panels are linked by means of steel support beams and sleek cabinets with tempered glass doors. Shelves are made from the same tempered glass as the cabinet doors and add further function. Every well-appointed space needs a combination of generous storage and seamless style; Semblance fills both of those criteria easily.

Perhaps the best, most useful attribute of the Semblance system is that it is deep enough to create a room divider 79.5" high by up to 100" in length. At 15.75" deep and finished in front and back, this is one stable shelving system, especially when you take into account the leveling glides at the base of each 1.75" thick vertical panel. Or, if you don't need to divide your space, just back Semblance up against a wall.

Semblance's black components and walnut panels strike a chord with many of those who are familiar with the mid-century modern design aesthetic. The rich tones of the Eames Lounge come to mind immediately, and that's probably no mistake. BDI knows that in order to create a high-end storage system, the highest quality materials and craftsmanship are necessary. We think that's just what they've accomplished with Semblance. High quality, high functionality, good design.