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BDI Coffee, End, and Console Tables

The story is in the design. BDI Tables are crafted with a focus on simplicity with strength. The Drop, Fin and Hokkaido tables have a layered design which creates an intriguing appearance as well as plenty of functionality. Becker Designed Inc prides itself on making things out of the ordinary, something plain to see when you take a look at BDI tables.

BDI Coffee Tables
You put your feet up on it. You put newspapers on it. You thrown your keys on it. You gaze across it when you converse with friends. The coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room, and for something different, browse our selection of BDI coffee tables. Numerous tables have multiple levels, and the lower level is perfect for coffee table books.

BDI Console Tables
Sometimes you just need another edition to your living room, foyer, or sitting room. Console tables can go a long way towards enhancing the look of a space, and BDI console tables have a slender, pristine appearance that makes them stand out in a subtle way.

BDI End Tables
Accent pieces aren't supposed to be too loud. Becker Designed Inc knows this, and their series of end tables has just the right amount of presence to attract the eye without distracting from the furniture around them.