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Founded by designer and entrepreneur Guarav Nanda, Bend Seating specializes in wire furniture that thrives both indoors and outdoors. Born in Detroit, Gaurav Nanda's designs exhibit an industrial flair that harkens back to his experience in the motor city and time spent designing cars. After paying his dues in the automobile industry, Guarav began a project that would cement his reputation as an innovator in the furniture industry. Clocky, that ingenious alarm clock that runs away from you, unveiled Gaurav and his sister Gauri Nanda's ability to bring a unique twist to everyday objects. Gaurav brings that same ingenuity, and an appreciation of clean lines learned in the automobile industry, to his Bend Seating designs. Based in southern California, Bend Seating products exude an aura of cool serenity that makes this up and coming brand a name to watch out for.

Bend Seating is as much a furniture company as a design house. Each piece, while definitely functional, exudes an industrial flair and geometric influence that makes it a beautiful work of art. Every Bend Seating product is hand crafted of recyclable iron wires. These wires are bent, curved and molded to form pieces that are incredibly comfortable; so comfortable in fact, you won't believe you're sitting on a metal seat. While the geometric influence of curves, lines and angles make Bend's chairs easy on the eyes, the materials make them useful both inside and out. The powder coated iron wires scoff at a little wind and rain, giving you the freedom to use Bend's products virtually anywhere in or outside your home. That versatility is really what Bend is all about, bringing art with an industrial flair to all.