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The Modu-licious Collection by Blu Dot

Blu Dot's Modulicious furniture collection gives customers the ability to customize their furniture to fit their needs and tastes. The Modulicious Collection by Blu Dot is a perfect fit here at Smart Furniture, where we champion our Design on Demand philosophy. The collection offers several color choices, and customers have the option to mix and match colors as they see fit. Choose a uniform color throughout your Modulicious piece or mix and match drawer colors just the way you want. The Blu Dot Modulicious Collection offers storage cabinets, file drawers, desks, dressers, bedside tables, and the popular Blu Dot Modulicious beds. These Modulicious pieces complement one another nicely in a variety of rooms and settings. This Blu Dot collection is full of well-made, functional pieces that enhance any space. Not only is Blu Dot's Modulicious furniture customizable, but these pieces are quality made and have a one-year warranty from Blu Dot. Interested in seeing how the color options would work in your space? Contact us at for a free color swatch. We believe our customers should be able to design their furniture to fit their needs, which is why we love the Modulicious Collection by Blu Dot for its customizable features.

The modular nature of the Modu-licious collection by Blu Dot fits perfectly into Smart Furniture's theme of Design on Demand, giving you the ability to customize your furniture how you want. Why settle for out-of-the-box, right? Each of the pieces in the Modu-licious collection has drawer fronts or doors that can be customized with any one of the colors selected from Blu Dot's color palette, and the wood veneer sets the doors off nicely and adds a luxurious note. Get quirky and mix-n-match drawer colors, or go the simple route. Either way, Blu Dot provides the canvas in the Modu-licious line. It's just up to you to choose what you'd like, and we'll make it happen for you.

The Blu Dot Modu-licious 1 gives the term "storage space" a new look and feel - and it definitely doesn't feel stodgy or impersonal. Almost 3 ft. wide and just over 1.5 ft. tall and deep, the Modu-licious 1 gives you a low, attractive place to put things and doubles as a display table.

The Modu-licious 2-Drawer Lateral File is exactly what it says it is, with the twist that it's not made of metal and unattractive. Whether you have a small place and need your office furniture to be presentable or just like to see nice things while you work, this is a lateral file you can be proud of. Multiple color options and true lateral file capacity work together to give you reason to choose this piece.

Blu Dot's Modu-licious 3 Cabinet Continues where the Modu-licious 1 and Lateral File left off; it provides space for those bulkier objects that can't be filed or stored in drawers. With 4 drawers that need you to choose colors for them, you've got a playground for your creative side.

The Modu-licious 4 Storage Cabinet is like the Modu-licious 1 times two. It has four drawers and rises to almost 3 ft. tall. Use as a dresser for a small child, or keep your knick-knacks in it - whatever you choose to hide in it, it'll look great while it stores your stuff.

What's better than a dresser? A dresser you can customize! The Blu Dot Modu-licious 5 Dresser is exactly that. Six drawers whose powder-coated metal fronts are ready for your color choice give you all the storage space you need in this modern dresser.

Blu Dot's Modu-licious 6 merges storage cabinet with dresser to provide you with the most flexible of their storage options; 4 cubbies with doors and 2 drawers give you plenty of space for the things you need access to. One of the best things about the Modu-licious collection is that Blu Dot has thought of single needs and also created pieces of furniture that meet more than one need.

For your office, Blu Dot provides the Modu-licious Power Deskette. This small desk is perfect for rooms that don't have much extra space; storage is provided in the file drawer and accessory drawer, and the basic dimensions are about 4 ft. by 2 ft.

The Blu Dot Modu-licious Bed comes in 4 sizes to meet all needs. The Modu-licious King Bed's platform is 80" wide; the Modu-licious Queen Bed's platform is 64" wide; the Modu-licious Full Bed's platform is 57" wide; the Modu-licious Twin Bed's platform is 42" wide. Each of the beds comes equipped with 6 storage drawers underneath the platform, ready to keep your bedroom clutter-free and your things dust-free. As with all of the Modu-licious pieces, color and veneer are your choice.

To finish off your bedroom, Blu Dot provides the Modu-licious Bedside Table. Complete with a single drawer and one shelf, the top of the bedside table is 19" high - the perfect height to place beside the Modu-licious Bed.

Got a question about the Modu-licious collection? Give us a call at 888-467-6278 and talk to one of our uber-friendly and helpful representatives, and not some random call center in the middle of nowhere!