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Blu Dot FurnitureThe Paramount Seating Collection by Blu Dot

Have you found it's difficult to find classic modern seating that is comfortable, looks great, and fits perfectly in your space? If this sounds like your dilemma, look no further. The Blu Dot Paramount Collection is the complete package offering all three elements - comfort, beauty, and versatility. Paramount Furniture consists of versatile, classic modern pieces in a variety of sizes, so you can find exactly what you need for your room. No matter what type of seating you may be looking for, the Paramount Collection has you covered. Included in the collection is a lounge chair, three different sofa sizes, a daybed and sectionals. No matter what you might be looking for, Paramount furniture has the perfect seating arrangement for you. The Blu Dot Paramount Collection is known for its classic lines, comfortable cushions, and muted hues that complement your room, instead of overpowering the other colors in your space. Whether you need a studio sofa perfect for two or a full-size Paramount sofa for several guests, the Paramount Collection has the complete offering. Style is a mainstay of Blu Dot Paramount furniture, and this collection infuses that style into a line of seating that will fit in well with the existing furniture in your home. Browse the Paramount Collection and find the piece that works for you. If you would like to know more about the collection or which piece we might recommend for your situation, contact one of our helpful sales representatives.

Classic lines, tufted cushions and slender arms all work harmoniously within the entire Blu Dot Paramount seating collection. Featuring 3 sofa sizes, a lounge chair, a daybed, and a left-facing or right-facing sectional, Paramount is a complete offering that fits in any space.

Choose the Paramount Lounge Chair for the reading nook you've been meaning to fill with a great chair, or to more clearly define a sitting area in a large room or studio. However you choose to use it, The Paramount chair will provide three things: style, comfort, and an ability to fit in well with your other furniture.

Blu Dot's Paramount Studio Sofa fills your need for seating in a small space. At only 5.5 ft. wide, it has room for two to sit side by side, and three people if you really like each other. Have a studio or bedroom that needs a couch? The Paramount Studio is the perfect sofa for your need. Again, its muted, classic modern aesthetic allows it to freely blend in with the style that surrounds it and compliment any decor.

The Paramount Medium Sofa goes where the studio sofa can't (it seats three easily, 4 if your design preferences include lots of guests) and where the full-size Paramount Sofa won't (it's 80 in. wide). One long seat cushion makes up the seat of the couch, so no one's caught sitting between cushions. The Paramount Sofa's length allows for people under 6 feet tall to sleep on it.

The Blu Dot Paramount Sofa takes up where the rest of the collection leaves off - you are afforded 96" of simple seating (or sleeping) space. The full-length sofa makes the most interesting parts of your room come alive, with its modern, simple presence doing more to highlight them than a more colorful couch would.

Start your afternoon reading or chatting with someone; finish it off with a snooze without leaving the couch. That's what Blu Dot had in mind when they designed the Paramount Daybed. The daybed seats two or turns into one person's living room relaxation-mobile.

The Paramount Sectional is available with the daybed portion on the right or left side. Taking versatility a step farther than the Paramount Daybed does, the Sectional is perfect for watching a movie or simply giving yourself a break with a cup of tea or glass of wine after dinner. It is the paramount piece in Blu Dot's Paramount line.

Each of Blu Dot's chosen upholstery hues for the Paramount collection blends easily and doesn't take attention away from the overall feel of your room.

Got a question about the Paramount Seating Collection? Call us at 888-467-6278 and talk to one of our uber-friendly and helpful representatives in our Chattanooga, TN headquarters, and not some random call center out in the middle of nowhere.