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Blu Dot Shelving and Storage Options at Smart Furniture

As a company, Blu Dot designs and manufactures stylish, contemporary furniture that is both functional and affordable for the customer. The wide variety of furniture options in the Blu Dot shelving and Blu Dot storage collections offer customers the chance to find the perfect piece to fit their needs. These collections contain pieces for every room in the home or office. If you are looking for a console to house your electronics and hold your television, pieces in the Blu Dot Series 11 or Drift collections serve well as an entertainment center, providing plenty of storage. Those in the market for a stylish bookcase or shelves will find several options available in the different collections. The Blu Dot shelving units and shelves come in various wood finishes that are a neutral complement to any color scheme in your current space. If a dresser or nightstand is what you are looking for, shop the Series 11, Drift, and Modu-licious collections for a mix of options. All of these Blu Dot products are well made and withstand the test of time, allowing you to rearrange furniture and items at will without worrying how your piece will hold up. All of the Blu Dot shelving and storage options come with a one-year warranty, the standard warranty given to all Blu Dot furniture.

Blu Dot shelving units come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to fit your room or space and fulfill your shelving or storage needs. The options available in the Blu Dot shelving collections can be arranged or hung in several different ways, providing you with flexibility when deciding where to place your shelves or shelving unit.

While shelves are a great option for storing or displaying items throughout your home or office, Blu Dot storage units like dressers, consoles, and cabinets serve a different purpose and may better suit your current needs. The dressers, consoles, and cabinets in the Blu Dot collections are clearly the work of great craftsmanship. You will appreciate the quality of the wood and the sleek finishes. In addition, Blu Dot seems to have thought of everything and successfully answers any question you might have. Wonder how your equipment will operate in one of the consoles? Store your items without worry, knowing that Blu Dot consoles and storage units are built with a ventilation system so your electronics don't overheat. When Blu Dot sees a need, they supply a solution through the excellent design of their products.

Shop the entire collection of Blu Dot storage and shelving options at If you don't see a piece that will fit your needs or your space, contact one of our helpful sales representatives. Here at Smart Furniture, we want you, the customer, to be able to design your space exactly the way you want it. If you are unsure about the color of a wood finish, would like dimensions of a product, or have any other questions, please let us know. We would be happy to send you a free color sample of any of our wood finishes in our shelving and storage collections. Find the perfect Blu Dot storage or shelving option for your space at, and begin enjoying the benefits of organization with style.

Shop the entire collection of shelving and storage options by Blu Dot at Smart Furniture. Whether you're looking for multi-purpose console from the Drift or Series 11 collections, or for the floating feel of the storage shelving from the Chicago series, Smart Furniture offers the selection you need to find the perfect Blu Dot shelving and storage solution for your space.Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Call us at 888-467-6278 or contact us - we'd love to help! Outlined below Blu Dot's shelving and storage offerings:

Blu Dot Bookshelves & Bookcases

Chicago 3 Box, Chicago 8 Box, Totem Bookcase, D2 Modular Bookshelves and Wonder Wall Shelves

Blu Dot Cabinets & Consoles

Series 11 Consoles, Series 11 File Pedestal and Lateral File, Drift Consoles, Modu-licious Cabinets, Modu-licious Lateral File and Wonder Wall Cabinets

Blu Dot Dressers & Nightstands

Series 11 dresser and nightstand, Drift Dressers and nightstand, Modu-licious Bedside Table