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The Sprout Table Collection by Blu Dot

Bringing color into a room in unexpected places, the Blu Dot Sprout Table Collection brightens up any space. Sprout Tables are right at home in a café, living room, or outside on a patio. Blu Dot Sprout Tables are made for entertaining. The collection includes a coffee table, dining table, side table, and café table. Complete with a brushed stainless steel base, Sprout Tables come in three distinct colors -- black, ivory and yellow. The tabletop, stems, and end of every leg on Blu Dot Sprout Tables come with your selected color. Classic black or ivory add interest to any setting as hints of color peek out from the stainless steel base. The yellow Sprout Table color option is playful, fun, and adds a burst of color to your space. Tables in the collection vary by purpose. Small kitchen or dining spaces are perfect for the Blu Dot Sprout Dining Table, while the café table is better suited for stools. The coffee table and side table in the Sprout Table Collection are nice additions to a living room. Side tables can serve as stylish bookends for your sofa, while the coffee table in the Sprout Table Collection is unique and adds interest with its round tabletop. Overall, this Blu Dot collection brings unexpected color and style to liven up your space.

Showcasing color from the ground up, and adding class with a brushed stainless steel base, the Sprout Table Collection by Blu Dot is all work, all play, all the time. Right at home in smaller spaces like a cafe or patio, Sprout Tables are perfect for entertaining, lounging, dining and whatever else fills your day.

The Sprout Dining Table by Blu Dot is the perfect size for a kitchen or small apartment dining area. Round for easier access to all sides, 48" in diameter to seat 4 easily, the Sprout is classy and fun to be around.

Like sitting on stools while you eat? Then the Blu Dot Sprout Cafe Table is for you! Round and 36" in diameter, the cafe table will seat 4 friends and can be colored to blend in or stand out, whatever you choose.

After dinner, sit around the Blu Dot Sprout Coffee Table with your guests as you relax in your living area. Built in much the same way as the Sprout Cafe Table, the Sprout Coffee Table is also 36" in diameter - just shorter so it's not in your way. Each leg has your chosen color peeking out the end, to add interest and provide a little evidence of Blu Dot's care in designing the table.

Every sofa has two ends, and every end needs a table - or so we like to think. The Blu Dot Sprout Side Table is the perfect table for your sofa's ends, so you and your guests can easily reach a lamp, the book you've been reading, or the remote. 20" in diameter and height, the Sprout Side Table's size is just right.

Got a question about the Sprout Table collection? Give us a call at 888-467-6278 and talk to one of our uber-friendly and helpful representatives, and not some random call center in the middle of nowhere!