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The Strut Table Collection by Blu Dot

The Blu Dot Strut Table Collection stands out as one of Blu Dot's more striking and effortless collections. Within the collection there are dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, and console tables to seamlessly integrate into your space. The simple structure and clean design of the table is built using a steel frame that is powder-coated. The steel frame used for Blu Dot Strut furniture supports a MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) tabletop that is covered in several coats of polyurethane finish. The materials used for Strut Tables provide sturdiness and resilience to the product. This Blu Dot collection offers tables of varying sizes that serve multiple purposes. For example, the medium table is a perfect choice for spaces that aren't quite big enough for a large dining table. It is multi-purpose and can serve as a desk, workspace, or table. This versatility is a unique characteristic of the collection. Thin in structure yet durable, Blu Dot Strut furniture is named 'Strut' for the structural support inherent in all of these tables. The collection offers customers the option of bright color choices or classic options like ivory. Brightly colored Strut Tables add a pop of color to any room, while an ivory Blu Dot Strut Table can complement and enhance other surrounding colors in your space. The Blu Dot Strut Table Collection brings style and simple, elegant design to any home or office.

Structure and design are one with the Blu Dot Strut Tables; reminiscent of bridge and metal building design, the frame stays out of the way visually at the same time as it provides the desired effect - one of solidity. One of Blu Dot's most simple and striking designs, the Strut Table Collection features a full set of dining, coffee, end, and console tables to fit your space. A powder-coated steel frame supports the MDF tabletop, all coated with polyurethane finish for long-lasting durability.

The Strut X-Large Table seats 6 easily, and can even fit 8 if need be; its 7.5 ft. length makes it the largest table in the Blu Dot Strut collection. A dining table for all occasions, it provides a large enough surface for you and your guests to comfortably sit and talk as you enjoy a meal together. The bright color choices help to bring your style to life in an unforgettable way.

The Strut Large Table seats 4 comfortably and makes sense when your space is limited but you still would like to entertain. at more than 6 ft. long, its seating space is maximized by the simplicity of its structural frame.

Go, go, Gadget table! The Blu Dot Strut Medium Table is for those spaces where you can't quite fit a large table but still need room to work and eat. A table that works well as a desk, the Strut Medium Table is perfect for studio apartments or dorm rooms - any situation that calls for furniture to have multiple uses.

The Strut Coffee Table brings focus to your seating area, providing a common element to make the center of your seating arrangement. As simple and solid as its bigger brothers, this rectangular coffee table is one that is benefitted most by the bright color options Blu Dot has chosen for the Strut collection; it adds punch to a setting that could otherwise be boring.

The Strut Square Table is Blu Dot's other coffee table - slightly lower than the rectangular coffee table, it provides an island in the middle of your seating area. Many lounge chairs are lower than sofas; the Square Table is just right for use with them.

Filling out the Strut collection further is the Strut Console Table. At 30" high, it's just right for placement behind a couch, in an entry hallway, or against a wall that could use some color and something to hold some fresh flowers.

To finish the job, Blu Dot designed the Strut Side Table. A simple, compact, colorfully designed little table, the Side Table is great for setting your beverage on when relaxing on the couch, or for holding the book you're reading, or a lamp, or the crazy little figurine your sister bought for you on her trip to Guatemala - basically, it's just waiting for accessories to complete it.

Got a question about the Strut Table collection? Give us a call at 888-467-6278 and talk to one of our uber-friendly and helpful representatives, and not some random call center in the middle of nowhere!