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Smart Furniture is pleased to offer furniture from the internationally famous workshop of Carl Hansen & Son. Their furniture has become a staple of modern design the world over for its exemplary use of materials, its firm grasp on line and form, and its reliance on great simplicity. They also happen to be the best place to get works of furniture art from the late Hans Wegner, one of the greatest designers who ever lived.

Carl Hansen & Son are a Danish company, and the furniture they've created for years is a large part of the canon of Danish Modern Design. From chairs to tables, they have their finger on the pulse of an art movement that has made furniture more beautiful, more necessary, and more important to the homes (and even museums) that cherish them.

At Smart Furniture we've collected all of the very best pieces from the vast collection of this historic company. Furniture by Carl Hansen & Son and Hans Wegner is among the most classic and sought after the world over. And at Smart Furniture we offer our customers lots of important choices in how the chair or table actually appears - here you can choose between hundreds of textiles, colors, and finishes to get precisely what you're looking for.

Carl Hansen & Son has been around for more than a century. In that time they have developed partnerships with some of the great design minds of the last 100 years, including most notably that of Hans Wegner. Together with Holger Hansen, Wegner's designs came to define the style that is now known as "Danish Modern," and Hansen & Son was the company that sent that work all over the world to be owned and enjoyed by all.

That partnership began in the late 1940s and continued on until Wegner's death. The furniture produced in the intervening years is among the most impressive bodies of work any furniture designer has ever produced. Not only were the pieces original and meaningful, they were beautiful and useful. They were and are a major hit, perfect for any home with a taste for high style.

Wegner's designs were so unique in fact that at first it was difficult to produce them using the same traditional methods Danish carpenters had been using for as long as they could remember. But within 10 years of first choosing the work together Carl Hansen & Son and Hans Wegner were very much "on the map."

But the legacy of Carl Hansen & Son has not been fully set. Not content to live in the past or rest on their laurels, today the company continues to innovate, create, and revitalize. They continue to make gorgeous furniture, reach out to like minded designers, and expand their business across the globe. The first chapter of the company was the minting of Danish Modern design - and the second is now being written. Browse through our amazing selection of new and old pieces from this venerated company, and see what would be perfect in your home - you're certain to find something that's just right.


One of the very first pieces that Hans Wegner created was the Wishbone Chair, so named for the distinctively shaped back piece of the chair. This was one of the major products that put the company on the map, and today it's still as fresh and engaging as it ever was.

Other major products include the Shell Chair, the Elbow Chair, and Oculus Chair and the Wing Chair. Each piece is completely unique, yet all were designed by the same man, and in a distinctive, modern way.

If you're looking for great tables, look no further than the CH332, or CH339, pieces that were also designed and executed by the great Hans Wegner.

There is no shortage of amazing furniture here - find what's right for you today!