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Hans Wegner began his career working with Carl Hansen & Son in the late 1940s. The partnership was an almost immediate success, and the work they would go on to do together would become some of the most famous furniture design in the world. It was a partnership that came to define what it meant to be "Danish Modern," and a company that came to define beauty, refinement, functionality, and modernity.

At Smart Furniture we've collected all of the greatest Carl Hansen Seating available and made it available to you. We've also thrown in, as we are wont to do, literally hundreds of options for upholstery, veneer, and finish. When you order one of these amazing chairs, you will get to have a hand (not to mention the final say) in completing some of the greatest designs ever committed to paper or the factory line. Here's what's on offer from Carl Hansen Seating at Smart Furniture:

The Wishbone Chair
The is the product that started it all. The Wishbone, so named for the appropriately shaped wood piece that works as the back of the chair, ushered in Wegner and Carl Hansen Seating as a serious force in the world furniture market. The chair is wide, comfortable, and rounded at every turn. At Smart Furniture you can get it in more than 20 different color variations.

The Elbow Chair
This chair was designed way back in 1956, but it didn't make its first appearance in the Carl Hansen Seating line until 2005. It's a throwback that was never really "back," but now it can really be yours. This is a very finely carved chair, with an elegant back piece that curves around the back of the person sitting in it. The seat itself is upholstered, but the rest of the chair is all carved wood. At Smart Furniture you can choose between dozens of colors and fabrics when you make this chair your own.

The Shell Chair
This is one of the real jewels of the Carl Hansen Seating collection. This sweeping, gorgeous work of art was first debuted in 1967, but it didn't make too many waves. Only upon its re-launch and re-introduction into the world did the chair finally get all the praise it so richly deserves. It owes a great debt to the Eames Lounger, but goes even further than that historic piece. The bottom of the chair sweeps out in a great arc to both sides, situating the user in the center of a kind of bowl. The back of the chair sweeps up from the ground and rises high to give the user support. It's a creation in wood, and your choice of either fabric or leather (in a wide array of colors, or course).

The Wing Chair
This chair is another one that has been rescued from the design archives and brought out into the light of public opinion. It should be said that public opinion is very, very high. This piece, along with the similar Oculus Chair, is a bit different from the typical Danish Modern offerings that you get with the Carl Hansen Seating collection. Swathed completely in fabric and featuring actual soft padding and no visible wood, it's a horse of a different color. It also happens to be exquisitely comfortable, exquisitely designed, and very popular with design enthusiasts. At Smart Furniture this chair is available in a huge range of colors, so you can have a final say in the finished product, the complete design.

The Oculus Chair
Similar to the Wing Chair in that it has no visible wood and is completely covered in fabric and cushioning, the Oculus goes in a completely unique direction when it comes to shape and form. It has a large, circular back portion that encircles the person sitting in the chair. The seat and armrests are wide and inviting, and upwardly sloping (so that your buttocks is lower). This is another chair was was designed over 50 years ago and has only become a living reality - something you can own. At Smart Furniture, you can choose between dozens of colors when purchasing this product from Carl Hansen Seating.