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Hans Wegner CH322 Table
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Hans Wegner CH327 Table
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Hans Wegner CH335 Table
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Hans Wegner CH338 Table
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Hans Wegner CH339 Table
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Hans Wegner CH388 Table
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Hans Wegner CH336 Table
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Hans Wegner CH110 Desk
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The Carl Hansen Tables available from Smart Furniture all have a few things in common (aside from who produced them). They are made of wood in traditional ways, and they all are perfect examples of the celebrated and well-remembered "Danish Modern" design movement of which they were a major part. Hans Wegner, in his long and fruitful partnership with the Carl Hansen & Son firm, produced many tables, all of which have their place in history.

The table is among the most deceptively simple pieces of furniture in any home. While making a table is generally thought to be simple, and the surface itself of less importance than, say, the couch or the entertainment center, the opposite is actually true. As writer Adam Gopnik would say in his book of the same name, in any right-thinking home, "the table comes first." It is at the table you will have many of your most meaningful moments, either alone or with family. It at the table that you eat your meals, those lovely times during the day when you prepare and enjoy that most common and satisfying of pleasures. At Carl Hansen, the table definitely comes first. Here are a few you can enjoy in your own home:

The CH322 Dining Table
Put together with steel, wood, and remarkable craftsmanship, this is one of the sturdiest Carl Hansen Tables you can buy anywhere, really and truly built to last. The joints in particular are wonderful examples of designers and manufacturers putting quality and craftsmanship ahead of taking the easy way out. If this table comes first, it will likely be here to the very last.

The CH327 Dining Table
This is a completely solid table, made completely of solid wood. The carpentry from Carl Hansen Tables is really remarkable, and the overall effect, despite the real strength and heft of the wood, is one of lightness and ease. The legs of the table are elegant and slender, and the tabletop (which is an inch thick) seems to simple float above it. You have to get close to see that the legs are actually attached to it at the corners. The frame that holds up the tabletop is beautiful and unique. This is a table that really makes a statement, and its large enough for nearly any family or home.

The CH335 Dining Table
This is a very simple table with lots of great options for customization. It's oval and generous in terms of size (and you can add leafs to make it really big), and you can choose for the tabletop to be in wood or laminate. The undercarriage of the table is steel, so you know that this is a product that's going to last a very long time. This table specializes in being unobtrusive, elegant and functional. It's a winning bet.

The CH338 Dining Table
This is a solid wood oval dining table that brings out every bit of beguiling simplicity, craftsmanship, and beauty that the Danish Modern movement and Carl Hansen Tables has to offer. The table is simple but not plain. It is made with real attention and care, with every joint and woodworking detail accomplished to perfection. You have some great choices with this table in terms of color and varnish, and you can add leafs if you need something large or expandable.

The CH388 Dining Table
This is a smaller piece. While it's expandable and capable of handling larger groups, this is an intimate table for an intimate space. Made with wood and steel and put together brilliantly, this is a great offering from Carl Hansen Tables. It's built to last, and the design, first debuted in 1960, has more than stood the test of time.