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Cherner Chair Company Furniture at

Cherner Furniture

Most people don't associate plywood with being beautiful. It is a building material, not a medium of art. Cherner's designs fly in the face of those conventional biases by manufacturing a full line of gorgeous side chairs, arm chairs, cabinets, and tables from layered sheets of wood.


Norman Cherner designed his famous Cherner Chair 1958, and it has remained an icon of mid-century design ever since. He began his architectural career by developing first-of-its-kind, low-cost modular housing in 1948. These economical homes kindled Norman's desire to design a wide array of low-cost housing products, eventually leading to his famed chair a decade later. Benjamin, Norman's son, founded the Cherner Chair Company in 1999 to reignite his father's legacy as an iconic furniture designer, and they have been manufacturing his acclaimed chairs in their American factory ever since.

Iconic Chairs, Tables, and Consoles

Norman Cherner's most famous design is easily the appropriately named Cherner Side Chair. While the nomenclature is far from creative, the engineering is quite revolutionary. The wood varies from 15 to 5 plies to give the chair extra strength where needed without compromising its fluid aesthetic. The same seating design is also available in a barstool height, or with metal legs. Another iconic masterpiece is the Cherner Lounge Chair with Arms that has been featured in movie and TV show sets for years. The company manufactures more than just chairs; they also make gorgeous coffee tables and minimalist dressers. All of their items share the heavy wood aesthetic with minimal finishing and plenty of natural wood striations.

Boring Names, Awesome Products

Even though Cherner's products' names are admittedly unimaginative, their commitment to simple, sustainable design has made them modern furniture icons. Smart Furniture carries the full line of Cherner Chair products that are still made-to-order in the USA. Give us a call at 888-979-5178 if you have any questions and get yourself on the road to owning a functional piece of modern art in your home today!


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