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If you're in the market for upscale office furniture, look no further than Coalesse. This Steelcase subsidiary boasts an impressive line of modern, functional furniture that is designed to make work feel less like work. From lounge chairs to desks, cubicles to storage, Coalesse is the go-to brand for top-of-the-line workplace furniture.

Freeing work from offices

Coalesse contends that the old-fashioned notion of a stuffy professional office is dead. Their goal is to revolutionize the way that people interact with their work environment, eschewing the desk-and-task-chair schemas of yesteryear. They aim to make work feel more like home. By specializing in modern and attractive lounge seating, storage, and gathering tables, Coalesse hopes to make work more accommodating, comfortable, relaxing, enriching, and cultivating.

Popular products

Coalesse's most popular product is its amorphously shaped Hosu Lounge Chair and matching Loveseat. These cozy chairs provide a comfy respite from the stressful demands of mental labor and give employees a place to temporarily take a load off and press the reset button. The Bindu Side Chairs are sleek and cozy armchairs that work great in break rooms, at conference tables, and in front of the CEO's desk. The Denizen Storage Tower provides a unique and thought-provoking wall storage unit. All of Coalesse's products blend the feel and accommodation of home furniture with office applications.

Give us a call for help!

Most Coalesse furniture is made to order at the time of purchase, which means that it's customizable. With that customization comes the need for samples and design assistance, both of which we can provide to you at no charge. We want to help make your office a place you want to be. Give us a call at 888-979-5178 to reach our helpful sales team and get on the path to making your workspace a place of inspiration and positive thoughts.