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Copeland FurnitureCopeland Bedroom Sets are constituted of a wide range of pieces, both conventional and otherwise. The Astrid Bedroom Set is available with four dresser options (3-6 drawers, with TV stand capability), a mirror, several nightstand choices (including the brilliant Shelf Nightstand, which attaches to the side of the bed frame, near the headboard, like a small wing), a laptop desk, and several headboard and finish options. All of the furniture is expertly selected and hand-finished hardwood, designed and built by the experienced hands at Copeland Furniture.

The Catalina Bedroom Set is a more strictly modern variation on the Astrid Set, with the legs of the bed, dressers and nightstands a little more conventional (but still canted). Available in Queen, King, and California King sizes, the bed can be selected to fit any mattress, and the solid, straight-backed headboard creates a beautiful frame for the bedding. The entire set shares the same style of leg, including the dressers, nightstands, TV stands, mirrors, and more.

The Berkeley Bedroom Set is the most conventional and straight-laced set in the collection. It hews as closely to the Shaker aesthetic that defines the whole line of Copeland furniture as possible. While the lines of the legs and headboard curve ever so slightly, the general feel of the set is as close to the Shaker ideal as Copeland gets. The headboard is tall and straight, with contrasting black walnut slats, and rises over an equally square and sturdy frame. The dressers and nightstands of the collection feature black walnut handles on their drawers, and - unlike many of the other collections - the Berkeley Set includes an armoire and a bench. The cherry finish of the set makes it one the brighter and more uplifting sets as well.

The Mansfield Bedroom Set is a modern and playful collection of bedroom pieces. Low to the ground and elegantly carved to create a unique structural look and feel, this is one of Copeland's boldest designs writ large. Available with several dressers (in several sizes), nightstands, and mirrors, this is one of the smallest collections as well.

All of these sets are imbued with the commitment to eco-conscious materials, hand-crafted style, and quest for quality that Copeland holds dear. Shaker inspired and inclined to modernity, this is truly fine furniture. 'Tis a gift to be simple.

In 1976, Copeland Furniture began bringing solid hardwood furniture to market through retail partners that shared their passion for timeless design and unparalleled quality. Since then, they've grown from a one-man shop to a family-owned and operated business that is one of the largest employers in Bradford, Vermont. Copeland has built a brand that's known for honesty, integrity, and fairness. Their growing line of products continue to reflect traditional craftsmanship values and evolving market demands.

Today Copeland Furniture manufactures a full line of bedroom, dining room and home office furniture. Designs range from transitional to highly contemporary. Diverse design influences include Arts and Crafts, Asian Design, Shaker Furniture, Scandinavian Design and the architecture and environment of Copeland's home state, Vermont.

Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. They run deep at Copeland Furniture too. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the furniture they design and manufacture. They know that our environment is, in many ways, very fragile, and that we are the beneficiaries of the strong stewardship ethic practiced and passed down by those who went before us. It is Copeland Furniture's hope that the next generation appreciates their stewardship and is inspired to continue the tradition.