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Copeland FurnitureCopeland Beds are practical, functional, and beautiful. All of the beds are fully composed of sustainably harvested hardwood, and are handcrafted in Bradford, Vermont. All share a commitment to Shaker simplicity and elegance, and all share a common off-center nod to modern design.

The Soho Bed, for instance, features a solid wood headboard, tall and wide and square. But the headboard is also a bit unmoored from the bed frame. It appears to be floating - an undeniably modern twist on a solid early American staple. The legs of the Soho Bed are tapered but still fairly thick, and the frame itself extends past the mattress, creating a footrest. It's available in a conventional lacquer finish or a water-based finish. Both set off the beauty of the dark Walnut and Maple the bed is built with.

The Astrid Bed (which is available in Queen, King or California King sizes) utilizes the same floating headboard (just not as tall and closer to the ground) and combines it with an innovative new way to fashion a base. The bed frame is mounted on extremely canted legs which angle into the center of the frame, seeming to disappear under the bed. The extend out past the edges of the frame itself, and the bed's overall appearance is low to the ground, simple, but fresh and contemporary as well. This bed is available in Cherry or Walnut, and is also available as a simple platform bed, with no headboard at all.

Many of the Copeland Furniture Beds available from Smart Furniture can be selected as storage beds - adapted to include storage compartments within the frame, beneath the mattress. It makes the frame of the bed a bit boxier and closer to the floor, but the work is still lovely and the extra storage can be invaluable in homes where storage space is scarce.

Copeland Furniture Beds are rightfully acclaimed as some of the very best in the country. They are unfailingly beautiful, deliberately and masterfully crafted, and possessed of two of this country's most enduring values - a set of values rooted in the past and an eye toward the innovative, improving future. From the Lily Bed to the Soho, from the Catalina to the Astrid, you can't go wrong with a solid wood bed from Copeland Furniture. Smart Furniture couldn't be prouder to have Copeland as one of our partners in bringing great design to your home.

In 1976, Copeland Furniture began bringing solid hardwood furniture to market through retail partners that shared their passion for timeless design and unparalleled quality. Since then, they've grown from a one-man shop to a family-owned and operated business that is one of the largest employers in Bradford, Vermont. Copeland has built a brand that's known for honesty, integrity, and fairness. Their growing line of products continue to reflect traditional craftsmanship values and evolving market demands.

Today Copeland Furniture manufactures a full line of bedroom, dining room and home office furniture. Designs range from transitional to highly contemporary. Diverse design influences include Arts and Crafts, Asian Design, Shaker Furniture, Scandinavian Design and the architecture and environment of Copeland's home state, Vermont.

Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. They run deep at Copeland Furniture too. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the furniture they design and manufacture. They know that our environment is, in many ways, very fragile, and that we are the beneficiaries of the strong stewardship ethic practiced and passed down by those who went before us. It is Copeland Furniture's hope that the next generation appreciates their stewardship and is inspired to continue the tradition.