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Copeland Furniture

The Astrid Collection

Copeland Furniture is world renowned for its aesthetic accomplishment, its elegant simplicity, and its solidly American design tradition. Built with natural wood and carved and designed by masters of the woodworking trade, Copeland bedroom furniture is among the very finest available anywhere in the world. Built with attention to detail, high environmental standards, and a commitment to the principles of old-fashioned American design, Copeland beds, dressers, and nightstands are classics of contemporary furniture making. The Astrid Collection of furniture is of course no different.

The Copeland Astrid Collection makes use of walnut and maple to produce a warm, familiar tone. The design is reminiscent of the great Frank Lloyd Wright, making use of cantilevered surfaces and horizontal space, all supported by deeply recessed legs. The full King bed features a divided headboard, while the Queen is complete - but both beds are also available as simple platforms (with the aforementioned cantilevered support structure).

The collection is complete with beautiful nightstands, dressers, a desk, and a TV stand. The dressers come in several different sizes and orientations, making it easy to personalize your room (or series of rooms). This is gorgeous furniture, built in classic style with a modern, up-to-date design.