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The Berkeley Collection

The Berkeley Collection from Copeland Furniture is a sterling example of what makes that company so unique, and their furniture so valuable and sought-after. It all begins with the most traditional material on earth - wood.

The Berkeley Collection makes use of 100% Cherry wood to build inspiring beds, drawers, night and TV stands, tables, mirrors, and more. The artisans at Copeland are masters at bringing out all the best qualities of the wood they use in their furniture, and of course they also contribute dozens of brilliant, nuanced designs that embrace both traditional forms and modern style. Bedroom sets from Copeland, including and especially the Berkeley Collection, are among the finest being made in America today.

This collection of furniture includes absolutely everything you need for a complete and unified bedroom setup. Of course the centerpiece is the bed frame itself, which comes in two different forms. The first is a simple box with medium length, solid legs and a beautiful upholstered headboard, framed by cherry in one of several stains you get to choose from using our online design engine. The second is the same basic construction with two large drawers added underneath, giving you a great place for surreptitious storage.

The collection also features a range of gorgeous drawers and tables - everything you could need for the complete bedroom, including a TV stand, nightstands and bedside tables, a bench, even a full length or wall-hung framed mirror. All the furniture is designed to work together in any combination to bring the best of traditional American craftsmanship and finest contemporary design together in one. Mix and match the furniture to fit your particular needs, and outfit your bedroom with the very best that Copeland has to offer. With every piece that you choose, you'll be able to make choices about the final look - we offer the Berkeley Collection in six different finishes, including Natural Cherry, Smoke Cherry, and Autumn Cherry.