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The Soho Collection

The Copeland Soho Collection is a spare, minimal work of furniture art. Like everything else produced at Copeland, the Soho Collection is emblematic of simple, centuries-old American craftsmanship and design, with just enough mid-century modern flair to make it completely at home in a contemporary setting. Copeland is committed to working with and fully drawing out all the amazing design possibilities of hardwood furniture, and the Soho Collection is yet another successful exploration of how far and how beautifully they can go.

The Soho collection allows you to completely outfit an entire bedroom with a simple, beautiful, and completely wood-carved set of furniture. A full bedframe and headboard, several types of drawers, a nightstand, TV stand and bedside table - you're completely set.

The design of the bed is among the simplest and most elegant in the entire Copeland catalogue. Rich dark wood and simple, angular legs form the frame, while a large solid headboard is suspended above. That suspension effect is evident throughout the rest of the collection as well. All the drawers, stands and tables are set on top of traditional-looking bases with a major twist - the appear to actually float over them, rather than rest solidly on top of them. The effect is appealing and surprising - a mark of the contemporary sensibilities in the Copeland brand. The Soho Collection also makes use of two kinds of wood, using a light wood for the drawers and darker wood for the rest of the structure. The furniture is two-tone and floating, a unique and exciting combination - yet it never loses its anchor in the American tradition of simple, elegant bedroom furniture.