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Copeland Furniture

The Mansfield Collection

The Mansfield Collection typifies much of the celebrated Copeland Furniture brand. Built with 100% hardwood, handcrafted here in America, mixing traditional materials and ideas with modern and mid-century design flair, and perfect for your bedroom, the Mansfield Collection is among the most desirable series in the Copeland catalogue.

It's also among the most petite. A single bed, three kinds of drawers (both vertically and horizontally oriented), a nightstand, and a large framed wall mirror complete the full set. Done completely in beautifully carved cherry wood, with a wide range of available finishes including Natural Cherry, Autumn Cherry, Cognac Cherry, and Windsor Cherry.

Let's start with the most important piece of furniture in every bedroom - the bed. The Mansfield Collection bed is low to the ground, and composed of both a footboard and a headboard. Both boards have an artful cutout near the top, and have been elegantly and expertly carved to provide a textured, three dimensional effect.

The drawers and nightstand have in common a beautiful, surprising and simple support system. The “legs” of the furniture are constructed almost like two ends of a small tent - two sets of longer slats forming an upside down V shape, with connecting bars running horizontally, binding them together. The bulk of the drawer or nightstand then rest on that structure. The handles for each drawer are attached metal handles which hang like doorknockers. You can get a four, five, or six drawer piece, with the largest running horizontally. Charming, old-world, but also fresh and contemporary - the essence of Copeland Furniture.

The large wall mirror is a great complement to the rest of the series, and can be rested on top of the drawers or positioned on the wall - whatever suits your room the best.