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The Monterey Collection

The Monterey Collection is a bright, clean-lined addition to the Copeland Furniture catalogue, a fantastic set of wooden furniture that is never heavy or overbearing. This collection, like all Copeland Collections, is designed and built with old-school American ideas mixed with mid-century and modern stylistic flourishes (though they're never showy). Like the other collections, it was built responsibly in Vermont, a state known for its commitment to green manufacturing and green business.

The Monterey Collection includes a full bed, a full bed with storage, a wide range of dresser drawers, and a nightstand. Everything you need for a complete bedroom set.

The frames of the beds are built simply and subtly, with a gorgeous headboard that ups the ante. Sturdy legs and a thick frame give the bed gravity, while a looser, non-traditional headboard keeps things unique and contemporary. The headboard has the appearance of a hung wooden tapestry - the end falling down below the mattress. With the storage version of the bed, you get large drawers underneath the frame that help you keep your room clean and organized at all times.

The dressers and the nightstand use the same design features and accents on a smaller scale. They also have legs and sides that are more obviously curved and tapering in the middle - a smooth (dare we say groovy?) effect which echoes the coastal California town for which the Collection was named.