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Copeland FurnitureCopeland Nightstands are some of the most varied designs that Copeland produces - nightstands with single drawers, double drawers or functionality as a great TV stand. Copeland Nightstands are built with unique legs, unique table tops - even with no legs at all. Many of the pieces include shelving, as many as three levels. In Cherry, Walnut, Maple and more, these are true works of art and beautiful craftsmanship made manifest in functional furniture.

The Monterey Nightstand is probably the most traditional Copeland bedside table. With a single drawer and a single shelf beneath, and generally straight and squared legs and surfaces, it's a stable and sturdy classic. Built with the light-hued Natural Cherry hardwood, it's a breezy piece of furniture as well. The handle on the drawer is a playful touch, a long stick of contrasting black walnut wood resting in twin pincers on either side.

For a more adventurous table take a look at the two-tone Soho Nightstand and Soho Bedside Table. Both feature a light wood drawer encased in a dark wood table. The table surface is a raised platform that seems to float on top of the legs - the look is ingenious, attractive, and unique. Created primarily with a dark Walnut hard wood, the table is a serious looking piece with a real gravity to it. While still adhering to the principles of simplicity and natural materials that the Shakers believed in, this is one of the most modern and contemporary pieces in the Copeland line of furniture.

The Astrid Nightstands are some of the very best and most varied. Standard versions feature the same charming legs that the bed and the dressers have - the legs give the appearance of extending out from the center of the stand’s underside. The nightstand itself is an open cube, create a solid top and a large shelf space underneath. A small drawer is affixed at the top, giving you even more storage options. A second bedside table option from the Astrid collection is the floating shelf. This beautiful (and legless) shelf attaches to the side of the bed frame, near the headboard, and extends outward like a wing. It's a surprising and invigorating piece of furniture, and it works perfectly with the bed, the dressers, and the entire set. You can't go wrong with either Astrid Nightstand, nor any of the other fine nightstands in the Copeland collection.

In 1976, Copeland Furniture began bringing solid hardwood furniture to market through retail partners that shared their passion for timeless design and unparalleled quality. Since then, they've grown from a one-man shop to a family-owned and operated business that is one of the largest employers in Bradford, Vermont. Copeland has built a brand that's known for honesty, integrity, and fairness. Their growing line of products continue to reflect traditional craftsmanship values and evolving market demands.

Today Copeland Furniture manufactures a full line of bedroom, dining room and home office furniture. Designs range from transitional to highly contemporary. Diverse design influences include Arts and Crafts, Asian Design, Shaker Furniture, Scandinavian Design and the architecture and environment of Copeland's home state, Vermont.

Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. They run deep at Copeland Furniture too. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the furniture they design and manufacture. They know that our environment is, in many ways, very fragile, and that we are the beneficiaries of the strong stewardship ethic practiced and passed down by those who went before us. It is Copeland Furniture's hope that the next generation appreciates their stewardship and is inspired to continue the tradition.