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Decor: what you need to know

God is in the details. This phrase implies that the true beauty of design exists in the nooks and crannies of a design – the overlooked areas that less savvy designers disregard. Developing a keen eye for accessorizing will support a cohesive, seamless aesthetic in your home and take your space from looking disorderly to radiating elegance. Our décor pages help you to get the details perfect so that your living spaces become united, tidy reflections of your lifestyle and personality.

No matter how you look at it, illustration is more helpful than product-hawking. So, instead of mindlessly listing off the myriad products that our site offers, we've chosen to illustrate the effect that coordinated décor can have on different spaces.


By adding color and shape with tabletop items, you can instantly rejuvenate a stale or idle table to create a welcoming and interesting space. Using an array of different bowls, placemats, and decorative objects can transform your table from a boring eating surface to a platform of personality.

Rugs and Lighting

Don't forget the lights and don't trample on the rug! When purchasing furniture for a new or revitalized space, many homeowners overlook the transformative power that interesting lighting and rugs can lend a room. A new couch and lounge chair are great, but they may look anachronistic when placed on top of ancient rugs and below outdated ceiling fixtures. Consider looking above and below to find unique ways to differentiate your space.

Organizational Accents

Out of sight, out of mind. Décor isn't just what you put in a room; décor is making sure that the correct objects are in the right place and have a discernible purpose. A wonderful coffee table can get lost under a sea of magazines and old paper cups. A couch can lose its inviting demeanor if it's covered in discarded coats and sporadically used electronics. By simply adding a magazine or coat rack, you can reclaim the coffee table and couch from unwanted obfuscation. The furniture becomes the centerpiece of your room instead of the clutter.

Walls need more than paint to be pretty

While putting a fresh coat of paint on the living room walls will go a long way towards creating an interesting and dynamic space, color only adds so much before it becomes monotonous. Sculptures, paintings, and other pieces of art are just what your sad walls need. Spruce up an underutilized or overlooked wall with picture frames, candle holders, paintings, or wall shelves. Giving you and your guests' eyes objects to focus on can create movement in the room and distract from problem areas if needed.

Good décor consists of much more than fancy couches and a ficus in the corner. Instead, it's the small details that make the biggest difference in making a room more inviting, interesting, and habitable. Finding personal objects to clean up, brighten, enliven, organize, and compliment your rooms will take them from looking good to looking great.