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Corner and corner-friendly desks are the perfect solution when you've literally got too much on your desktop. These desks can double your work area, increase your storage capacity several times over, and help you use the space in your office more efficiently and effectively.

Corner desks can also be beautiful pieces of design that give your office (whether at work or at home) a sense of scale and style that ties the room together. From classic wooden creations to sleeker, more modern pieces from firms like HON and Steelcase, we've got corner workstations in all shapes and sizes, and to fit all tastes.

The Slimline and Waterford Desks are both great examples of a classic, clean-lined corner set up, with the Slimline favoring simplicity and the Waterford adding a hutch and tons of great storage opportunities to the classic form. With many of these desks you can add under-table storage, hutches, and returns as add-ons to the original design, helping you to the make the desk truly your own.

More modern and contemporary designs include the Voi collection, which mixes both wood and metal to achieve an integrated design feel. It also creates two different levels of workspace, in addition to simply adding more. The Tour 120 Desk and the EYHOV Executive Workstation are purely contemporary, using steel and other modern materials to achieve a fresh, bold look.

Either way you choose to go, classic or contemporary, you'll be getting an exceptionally well-made desk that is sure to increase your workspace, make storage easier, and make your work day that much more efficient.

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