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Newel Round Pedestal Table
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Cherry Grove Oval Leg Table
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Cherner Oval Table
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Odyssey Table
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New Breed Oval Dining Table
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Fairlane Round Table
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Hans Wegner CH338 Table
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Tower Place Drake Oval Dining Table
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Hans Wegner CH339 Table
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Hans Wegner CH335 Table
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Deja-vu Table
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Hans Wegner CH336 Table
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LEM Triangular Dining Table
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Oval Tables at

Rectangular tables are for squares. Your grandmother owns a rectangular table, your great aunt owns one—pretty much everyone owns one. You need a dining table, but you want one that will set you apart from the crowd a bit. You need something edgier, but with a bit of irony. You need a round dining table.

Different Styles, Still Round

Round dining tables come in different styles and sizes, and we carry a nice selection for you to choose from. Whether you're a fan of traditional, modern, or eclectic, we're sure to carry an oval table that will fit perfectly in your home.


Modern dining tables are a mixed bag; they can consist of varied materials or be solid wood. They can have glass tops like the Concorde Oval Dining Table or they can be solid walnut like the New Breed Oval Dining Table. Most modern tables are simplistic in their design, consisting mainly of plain shapes with little ornamentation. Some tables like the CH338 by Hans Wegner are extendable, so even though the design looks uncomplicated, it still has multifunctionality hidden in it.


While modern furniture works for some people, others can't stand it. Not to worry, we have a great selection of traditional round tables also. The Regency Oval Dining Table is ovular, extendable, has a traditional silhouette; it also comes in two neutral finishes. The Jessica McClintock Boutique Oval Dining Table is more ornate with its antique base and lightly distressed top finish. The Cherry Grove Dining Table has a warm cherry finish, can extend from 66” wide to 102”, and it has subtle and stylish black inlays in the surface.

Give us a call!

Whether you want a modern, traditional, or eclectic round table, we want to help. We have a sales staff on standby that is ready to answer your questions and make sure we outfit you with the perfect oval table. Some tables are made-to-order, so we can tell you when you can expect your awesome new table to arrive. We can also send free swatches for most of the tables to ensure that you're completely pleased with the wood finish of your table when it delivers. Ditch the square and go round!