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Unica Dining Table
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Tundra Extendable Table
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Dusk 130 Dining Table
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Enterprise Glass Table
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Raffles Round Dining Table
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Laurel Dining Table
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Motif Round Pedestal Table
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Invisible Table
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Deja-vu Table
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Dusk 150 Dining Table
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Key Black Table
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Antilles Table
$1,479.00 $1,257.15
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Magis Table One, 63" Wide
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Glare Dining Table
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New Breed Cafe Table
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Tour Marais Table
$1,729.00 $1,469.65
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Cherry Grove Pedestal Table
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Caledonia Dining Table
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Fairlane Round Table
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Kitchen Table
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Vintage Dining Table
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What to look for when buying a dining table:

It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving, but your current table will never do.  The family has outgrown the 48” round size you’ve had since you graduated college, and grandma will never let you hear the end about how much better things would have been if the family would have just gathered at her house instead.  After all, she has the room.

Don’t worry.  We have plenty of options for you to make sure that we get you outfitted in a dining table that fits your style and will make granny proud.

What kind of space are you working with?  This should be question numero uno when beginning your quest for a dining table.  While it may seem like a novel idea to get a 50 yard long table that would make Louis XIV blush, most of us don’t have that kind of space to work with.  Many folks enjoy the versatility of a good extendable table; you can have a nice sized table for everyday use that you can stretch out during family gatherings and dinner parties.   If you live in a smaller, apartment space, you might want to consider a space-saving, stow away table like the Skovby SM 101.  If you’re really pressed for space, we even have some convertible tables that change from a coffee table to a dining table.  Knowing your space restrictions will pay major dividends in getting the perfect dining table.

What materials do you like?  I’m a wood purist, so the more wood grain a table shows the better.  We have tables that are made out of a variety of materials to fit different uses.  If you love cleaning, we have glass top tables that look beautiful but may require polishing to remove fingerprints.  We also have tables with marble tops.  Knowing what type of material you want will help further narrow down your search.

What kind of design do you like?  We have a large range of modern tables, and we also have a large selection of more traditional tables.  You want to make sure that you pick out a table that looks pretty to you and fits with your design ethic. 

Shopping for a dining table should start with knowing what kind of space your dining room is going to fill.  Will you need plenty of space for gatherings, or will you mainly just be eating breakfast with the kids (cats)?  Do you need a table that can change sizes or shapes, or fulfills a few functions and can be repurposed for different uses?  Measure your space and think about how you’ll use the new table, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the perfect table.