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Top Top Table
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Tall Square Pub Table
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Sigma Square Glass Table
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Solo Table
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Bolton Dining Table
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Invisible Table
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Dusk 130 Dining Table
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Ami Ami Table
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Cottage Gathering Table
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Tulip Counter Table
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Square Dining Tables at

Sometimes, it's hip to be square. Square dining tables are a classic option for people who need an eating surface in smaller homes or spaces and don't have room for a huge rectangular or oval table. Square tables usually provide enough room for at least four people to eat comfortably, and they're great for card and board games also.

Assorted Styles for Unique Homes

If you have a space that's in dire need of a square table, but you're worried about making sure it matches the rest of your décor, don't worry. We have you covered. We carry a line of tables that will match with any space. So whether you need a table that's boxy and modern or ornate and traditional, we can take care of you.

The Island Estate Samba Game Table is a tribal-styled table that's perfect for dinners or game night. Its bamboo legs and frame with cocoa shell top give it an aboriginal and unique flavor. The Hastings Square Dining Table is much plainer. The Catalina 40” Fixed Table is a made-in-America beauty, and the Invisible Table is a plastic icon of modern design.

Give Us a Call for Help!

We have a helpful and friendly sales team that are ready to help you get set up with the square table that's perfect for your home. We'd love to talk to you! Some tables are made to order and take a bit of time to arrive, and others ship right away. We'll be happy to clear all of that up for you! Give us a call at 888-467-6278 and get on the path to the perfect square table today!