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Let the name speak for itself. The entire line of chairs, recliners and sofas by Ekornes Stressless concentrates on providing the highest level of comfort through innovative design features and a focus on fit, whether you're sitting upright or reclined.

Comfort isn't the only reason to trust and own an Ekornes Stressless Chair. One of them is, of course, the company itself. Ekornes is a company on a mission to make the most comfortable recliner in the world. They've succeeded because of their ingenuity, technical expertise, and stylish execution. Ekornes has taken the conventional road map of the standard recliner and improved upon it immeasurably, while preserving what makes the recliner a staple of the living room and the den. Like the Eames Lounge Chair, the Ekornes Stressless Recliner is composed of leather wrapped in a wooden shell, and the soft, supple material is the ultimate complement to the chair. Also like the ELC, the Ekornes Stressless Recliner combines modernism and the comfort of the classic and the familiar; the leather ensconced within the wood finish is like a well worn baseball glove; it calls to mind not only comfort and pliability, but also a restful state of mind. The whole point of the super comfortable, super supportive, super soft recliner is the relief of physical and mental stress on the body and on the mind. The Stressless Chair is, of course, just what it claims to be--a stressless environment. There's no better seat in the house when you're watching television, reading a book, having a conversation, or simply chilling out and relaxing after a long or stressful day. When you invest in an Ekornes Stressless Chair, you're investing in peace of mind, health of body, and a more restful and beautiful home.

Comfort is the primary goal of the entire Stressless line. Since 1971, when they first introduced themselves to the world, Ekornes has been interested in bringing the world's most comfortable seating experience to a wider and wider audience. In 1996, Ekornes started to manufacture chairs in different sizes, with the knowledge that maximum comfort for any and every user would require a specific fit to the different body types.

Ekornes is a Norwegian furniture company that specializes in the Stressless series of recliners and couches. Their primary focus is comfort, support and style. They feature three main lines of furnishings, all of which are organized into separate manufacturing facilities and production teams: Stressless Chairs, which focus on the Stressless Recliner and all of the many variations on the Stressless Recliner the company produces; Svane, which is involved in making mattresses; and just plain Ekornes, which focuses on making the Stressless Sofa, based on the design and comfort/support concepts featured in the Ekornes Stressless Chairs.

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