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Beginning in 1971, Eknornes Stressless chairs were introduced to the world. These revolutionary recliners were marketed as the epitome of comfort and functionality. Stressless recliners were produced to meet the common person’s need for a recliner that was easy to use, well supported, and pleasing to the eye. Ekornes Stressless recliners offered unique features that couldn't be found in any other recliner. In 1996, Ekornes began to see a need for different sized recliners in order to sustain their reputation of excellence. They began producing Stressless recliners in three different sizes to accommodate every person's specific body type. There are a variety of Ekornes chair models to choose from, each one made to complement a certain taste or decorating scheme.

Large sized Stressless recliners are obviously larger than your standard recliner. They are made for larger body types. If your feet are always hanging off the end of your chair, then these chairs are perfect for you. Large Ekornes Stressless recliners are available in leather or microfiber covering. When purchasing Ekornes Stressless chairs there are four leather options to choose from. The leather options are Batick, Classic, Paloma, and Royalin. Within the leather choices are different colors. Batick allows ten different color choices, Classic has fourteen, Paloma offers thirty-four, while Royalin offers six. Fifteen different microfiber color choices are offered. Below are the different models that are offered in a large size, as well as some details about those models.

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