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Elemental LivingElemental Living was founded by Jonathan Coppin and Scott Dergance, two architects who decided to create a company that spoke to the heart of what was important to them. Their concerns about the environment and desire to make highly accomplished design accessible to everyone give their chairs, tables, benches, dressers, and shelves a personal touch. Elemental Living is a company that merges the essential values of modern design, environmental consciousness and quality craftsmanship into a single lifestyle.

Elemental Living manufactures modern green home furnishings that are designed using honest forms and materials to help create clarity in your home. Materials are selected based on a balance of aesthetics, sustainable value, and durability so that each piece of furniture has a distinct identity and strength borne from the materials themselves. Design and quality work together to create an intrinsic lasting value in every chair, table, sofa, entertainment center, or bookshelf. Elemental Living creates home furnishings that have a value beyond their price because they aren't just functional and attractive; they are essential elements to modern life.