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At Smart Furniture, we believe your furniture should look just they way you want. Our Design on Demand® service allows you to create your own media entertainment centers, TV shelves, and DVD storage racks, ensuring that you get exactly what you desire. With Smart Furniture, your TV shelves will grow along with your needs, so if you purchase a larger television next month, your TV furniture can expand accordingly, saving you the time and money of buying a whole new entertainment system. Want to put media towers beside your TV stand? There's no limit to the number of TV stands, TV side shelves, TV component shelves, and TV media storage shelves that you can design with Smart Furniture. Our team of professional designers makes designing your own television wall unit or television stand easy. Need lots of media shelves with your entertainment center for your video game consoles or other media devices? Because our TV shelves are composed of modular shelving units, there's no limit to the number of ways you can configure them or the number of shelves you can build around your TV console.

Don't be satisfied with your current TV stand if it's not just right for you; use Smart Furniture and create something with your own space, needs, and personality in mind.