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Entryway Coat Racks

The entryway is the first thing that your guests see when they come to visit. It should be an accommodating space where visitors feel welcomed into your home. Part of making an entryway feel hospitable is by having a place where your wayward travelers can put down their outerwear and take a proverbial load off. Enter: coat racks.

Stand Alone or Wall Mounted

The good thing about coat racks is that you only have one major decision to make—do you want one mounted on the wall or do you want it to stand alone? If you have a bunch of space, a standalone rack can be a functional piece of accent furniture in your home. If you've got less area to work with, a wall mounted unit is more space efficient.

Put it on the wall!

Once you've gotten a read on whether you want a coat rack on the floor or on the wall, you can get to the nitty gritty of picking out which one you like best. If you've decided that you don't have enough space to justify a stand-alone unit, the Eames Hang It All is a modern classic that mounts on the wall. Another modern and minimalist option is the Coat Hook by Urbancase; it's made of solid wood and easy to install. The Halifax Eight-Hook Coat Rack is more traditional in its design and gives plenty of hooks to use. For a larger family, it's hard to beat!

Set it on the floor!

So you've got plenty of room to spare, and you're not afraid to show it. We’ve got some options for you too. The Splash Coat Rack is one of our most popular sellers. If you need something a bit more traditional, the Coat Tree with Nickel Hooks is a great option. The Space-Saving Entryway Organizer gives you storage cubbies, coat hooks, and a place to set your shoes. Who doesn’t like multifunctionality?