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Does your office suffer from lackluster furniture? Are you losing clients because they walk into your business and think, "This is who I'm giving my money to?" Your office sets the tone for how your clients and employees feel about the work you do, so it's tantamount to create an environment of excellence. Geiger furniture exudes the deft confidence that your office needs to breed success.


Geiger Furniture has been manufacturing and designing world-class office products since 1964. In their quest to create the highest class work products on the market, they have cemented themselves as the pinnacle of modern office solutions. Herman Miller, the imitable ergonomic magnate, acquired Geiger in a 1996 partnership that would combine two of the most widely recognizable names in premium task furniture business. Together, they manufacture and distribute the most sought after office furnishings in the world, and they do it sustainably and environmentally consciously.

Upscale Businesses Need Upscale Furniture

If you ascribe to the platitude, "Clothes make the man (or woman)," and you understand that outward appearances can positively or negatively impact one's own psyche, then you can easily grasp Geiger's appeal. Their line of sleek, attractive, and high-class office and home furnishings possesses the subtle declaration of attentiveness to detail that great offices crave. Their modern collection of sofas, chairs, tables, and storage pedestals offer an understated grace to environments that differentiate good spaces from excellent spaces. The Ward Bennett Square Claw Table is a study in simplicity that can function as an everyday desk, drafting table, or gathering space. The Ward Bennett Sled Chair offers your office guests a comfortable and tasteful seating option that refrains from the gaudiness of oversized and cumbersome traditional furniture. The Tuxedo Museum Bench belongs in a museum—not just because it's a great place to sit, but also because its design is artistic and forward-thinking and should be revered. The Tuxedo Sofa is the perfect complimentary accompaniment to their Ward Bennett H Frame Coffee Table.

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Smart Furniture employs a team of friendly and knowledgeable sales staff with two on-hand interior designers to help outfit your office in a way that exudes confidence, tastefulness, and class. Geiger International furniture, backed by the Herman Miller brand, is unrivalled in its modern and understated approach to office design. Give us a call at 888-979-5178 to get started with a personal shopping assistant today. If you want to wow your clients, woo the best employees, and create an overall air of success through your office's superior arrangement, look no further than Geiger.