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Greenington Bamboo Furniture

Greenington LogoGreenington Bamboo Furniture, based out of Washington, make some of the coolest home furnishing designs on the market out of the most sustainable crop on the planet. Bamboo, actually a type of grass, is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and it is also very strong. By using bamboo to make furniture, Greenington manufactures furniture that is harder than wood, more sustainable than traditional timbers, and looks flat-out awesome.


Greenington’s bamboo manufacturing process utilizes every part of the tree, and nothing goes to waste. The timber is hand cut at the source, ensuring the bamboo’s ecosystem and root network remain undamaged. The processing plant creates long strips of wood that are glued together with high-strength adhesive, and even the dust is used to fire the furnaces that steam finish the panels. Since bamboo reaches maturity in about 5 years, the bamboo grows back just as quickly as it’s used. Greenington's bamboo is environmentally conscious from growth to the final, boxed product.


Greenington was established in 2004, and their use of highly sustainable bamboo coupled with their sleek and modern designs culminate in a truly unique and beautiful line of furniture. Since they manufacture bedroom, dining, and outdoor furniture, you can fill up practically every room in your house with modern sustainability.