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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair: A Timeless Classic

The Aeron Chair was one of the most groundbreaking furniture designs in history. You can customize your own and order online, or call us at 888 467 6278 for free design assistance. We can customize the Aeron Chair to suit your unique demands. Also available are the stool and side chair versions as well as numerous Aeron Chair replacement parts.

Combining distinctive aesthetics with pioneering ergonomics, the Aeron chair performs like no other chair. It adapts naturally and adjusts precisely to provide the best fit for the individual for comfort all day long. The imaginative design of the work chair offers superior comfort, ergonomic body support, and iconic style that are widely copied but never matched. The underlying theme throughout the development of the Aeron chair was that it should do more than accommodate small or large people; it should really fit them.

No other chair has made such an impact on how people feel about sitting in the workplace when compared to the Aeron chair. Meticulously crafted by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Aeron chair employs Pellicle, a material that creates a suspension system of support which conforms to the user's body and retains its original shape when unoccupied. The reflexive material is lightweight and breathable, distributing the user's weight evenly over the seat and back of the chair. Tested for comfort by having scores of people review the chair, designers Don Chadwick & Bill Stumpf also relied on the advice of leading ergonomists, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists who evaluated the Aeron chair's fit and motion, the benefit and ease of its adjustments.

Made largely of recycled materials, the Aeron chair is designed to last a long time, with parts that get the most wear easily replaced and recycled. Just what you would expect in a well thought-out design.