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Herman Miller Eames Desk, Right-Hand Drawer
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Eames Compact Desk
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Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit, 2 x 2
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Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit, 2 x 2 with Doors
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Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit, 4 x 2
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Eames Desk and Storage Units

Charles and Ray Eames demonstrated their masterful use of negative space in this timeless collection of matching desks and storage units. These colorful pieces are just as functional and beautiful in the modern office as they were 50 years ago.

Available in a neutral and vibrant color scheme, these Herman Miller classics come with free shipping at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Now- you can read our independently conduced review of the Eames Desk and Storage Units.

The Eames Desk is one of the finest pieces of furniture Charles and Ray Eames ever made. In the furniture industry, there may be no finer praise that that last sentence. This desk is part of a line of office furniture that ranks among the most famous, the most popular, and the most legendary in the last century. The work produced in the Office of Charles and Ray Eames is a major cache of design history. And all of the pieces are still as beautiful, functional, and human-centered today as they were when they first came off the production line.

Owning the Eames Desk is not only a way to make your office environment more personal, more beautiful, and more functional. It's also a way to own a piece of history and work at it every day. Recognized worldwide as two of the most accomplished artists and designers in the the 20th Century, this piece from Charles and Ray Eames is a gorgeous piece of legendary design.

Eames Storage Units

The Eames Desk was one of the very first office desks that was gorgeous, original, and unique - but also able to be produced on a mass scale with non-wood materials. The Eames designed their furniture for the average office worker as well as the executive, and there is no better example than this desk.

More than suited for a modern office, this desk was built specifically to be in one. Charles and Ray Eames put this desk together in an attempt to make a statement about the future of office decor, the future of furniture production, and the future of office aesthetics. The desk was at once a classic, and the fact that it has retained its popularity up to this very day is a testament to the incredible foresight and masterly aesthetic judgement of Charles and Ray Eames. The desk is first and foremost functional. And that functionality was not limited to the time in which the desk was introduced.

You can purchase either a left or right handed model of the basic desk. The Eames Desk includes a right or left handed drawer (large enough for almost anything you would need to store in your desk, including a laptop or a large case of files) in which the odds and ends of a modern desk can be stored. The top of the desk is large enough to accommodate extra additions (like speakers, extra monitors, or drawing paper) and yet intimate enough that a small opened laptop never seems out of place on the surface. On top of the drawer there is a roughly equally-sized open space, which can also be used for storage or for display. Photographs you want to keep with you, small flowers or plants you want to cultivate, or coffee table books you want to display all go perfectly in this space.

Another quite modern idea is that the buyer of a piece of furniture would have some say in customizing it to work they way they want it to. The Eames Desk not only comes in a left and right handed version, you can actually alter the iconic and vibrant color selection, and make the desk a bit more muted if that's more your style. There is also a smaller model of the desk, called the Eames Compact Desk, which features all of the same amenities on a smaller scale.

This is a desk could fit in practically any office at any time during the last 50 years of American life. The odds are it will still look fresh, contemporary and gorgeous 100 years from now.

Most of the office and home furniture that Charles and Ray Eames created could be considered a companion piece to pretty much everything else. If the color scheme wasn't always the same, then the design principles almost always were. In the case of the Eames Desk, there are not only other pieces of furniture that were specifically created to match it, there are also many other Eames pieces that mesh with it quite easily. There are also a few variations on the desk itself, which could be considered as companions were you planning an entire office (or multi-worker cubicle, floorplan, etc.).

The first and most important companion piece is the Eames Storage Unit, which is an incredible piece of design in and of itself. This kind of synergy is typical of the work of Charles and Ray Eames, as discussed above. Both of these units are gorgeous, and both of them can stand completely alone and work on the floor of your office or the floor of the museum. But when you put them together they form a cohesive and compelling (not to mention highly functional and efficient) whole. They're a good marriage, in other words. They share the same color schemes, the same sense of vibrancy and fun. They happen also to share a commitment to making your life at work easier, more beautiful, and more productive.

As mentioned above, the color scheme and the materials of the Eames Storage Unit and the Eames Desk are the same. Charles and Ray Eames always had their eye on ways to build systems that could be afforably mass produced, and this office set is a perfect example. The main difference between the two is that the Storage Unit (which has more area to "dress up," adds a few panels of textured wood to complement the colored panels. Overall the look is complementary to the desk, but a bit grander - more like a sculpture, in a way, than the desk is.

The Storage Unit comes in several different sizes (as to some extent does the Desk) and all of them have their particular charms and particular uses. Within the unit there are lots of different ways to organize, display, and and store your things. It's a mix of cabinets, sliding doors, and open areas, all of which exist in great harmony with the color and wood texture "design plates" that make the unit what it is. There are a dozen ways to make great use of this set, which is of course part of its timeless appeal. It's a bookshelf, a display space, a storage system or an entertainment center - it's what you need it to be in your particular home or office.

When paired with the Storage Unit, the Eames Desk has never looked better. The two pieces are truly design soulmates, and they work together in every sense - aesthetically, functionally, and historically. You won't find a better partner for you Eames Desk.

Of course, a great office chair is also necessary when you're buying a great desk. Charles and Ray Eames created dozens of those as well. Check out one of the many chairs in the Eames Aluminum Group, all meant for office use as well as general use. These attractive and simple chairs are lovely, uncomplicated, and comfortable. You could also really make a statement with an Eames Lounge Chair (for introspection or visitors there's no better chair in which to lay back and relax). Even the famed LCW, the Plywood Lounge Chair, wouldn't be too out of place behind the Eames Desk.