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Introduced in 1958, the Eames Aluminum Group was a landmark in modern seating design. Charles and Ray Eames' Aluminum Chairs were the first seating option utilizing a seat frame supporting stretched fabric. The seat-back suspension was recognized as a major technical achievement and challenged the notion of the chair as a simple, solid shell.

Today, the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs feature traditional fabric or leather upholstery with layered vinyl cushioning for additional comfort. The frame is made of one-piece cast aluminum side ribs with a 5-star base. Chairs include casters or adjustable glides.

The entire Eames Aluminum Group by Herman Miller. A groundbreaking design concept by Charles and Ray Eames that set a new standard in for contemporary furniture in comfort and aesthetics. Smart Furniture is proud to fully customizable Aluminum Group Chair.

The Eames Aluminum Group Chairs are some of the most famous and widely recognized chairs in the Herman Miller catalogue. They have a unique shape and an appealing combination of materials that gives them a retro, cool look. They were some of the first indoor chairs to use aluminum as a stylish material, and they were one of the first chairs to create a comfort pocket by stretching fabric between two ribs, rather than upholstering a solid back. Innovative, comfortable, beautiful, and classic; the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs have stood the test of time, and they're available now from Smart Furniture.

When we say classic, we really mean it. These are museum quality pieces of furniture that have adorned the halls of many an art institute and exhibit hall. They are historically important, having been the subject of several critical articles, even books. Anything and everything that was made by Charles and Ray Eames now carries with it serious cache as a cultural landmark and a significant piece of art and design, and these chairs are no exception. Happily, they have not been relegated to museums only, like much of the canon of modern design has been. They are still being made, with the same materials and in the same way they always have been, and they are still available and still popular. Herman Miller's renowned environmentally friendly factories are still churning out Alluminum Group Chairs to meet high demand, and that's a significant fact about these chairs. People still want them. They aren't dated in any way, and they haven't fallen out of fashion. They fit amongst most homes, most living rooms and offices, most design schemes. They're flexible and unique, classic and contemporary. Like much of what Charles and Ray Eames made, they are beautiful and useful at the same time.

For more on the features of the Aluminum Chair Group, please see its design story.

The Eames Aluminum Group Chairs have a vaunted place in the history of 20th century design. Their popularity and their still-hip stylization have allowed them to make their mark in the 21st, as well. Whether you put on in the home, the office, or in an indoor/outdoor space, you'll always have a chair full of history, totally comfortable, supportive, and always lovely. Charles and Ray Eames designed for the future, trying to push furniture to new conclusions and styles; with this group, they succeeded. Get your chair from Smart Furniture and Herman Miller today; whether it be the management chair, the executive chair, or the lounge chair, you won't be disappointed you invested in an Eames chair.