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Herman Miller Office Chairs offer cutting edge technological features, from breathable chair fabrics like the Pellicle material on the Aeron Chair to ergonomic lumbar support systems like the revolutionary BackFit frame of the Embody Chair. Available in every option, these chairs will do a long way towards turning your home office into a comfortable, productive place.

The Embody Chair
Designed by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, the Embody Chair sets a new standard for health-beneficial office chairs. Building on ergonomic features seen in Aeron and Mirra, Embody provides responsive supports on every square inch of the seat and back, reacting to your every twist and turn. This groundbreaking seating system promotes a natural posture and goes a long way to eliminating stressful postures. Embody's numerous features work in unison to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This distinguishing quality, together with the conforming seat and back, greatly cut down on discomfort and lead to increased focus and productivity.

The Aeron Chair
Heat builds up when you sit for long stretches. Designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick solved this problem when they designed the ergonomic Aeron Chair for Herman Miller in 1994. Its patented Pellicle material lets heat and moisture dissipate, leaving you cool and comfortable. Its PostureFitâ„¢ Option provides natural, custom-fitted lower back support for those who find themselves sitting for long periods of time. Widely recognized as a breakthrough in office seating, the Aeron Chair performs like nothing else. Wanting to make Aeron available to everyone both big and small, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed 3 different sizes.

The Mirra Chair
Like its counterpart, the Mirra Chair features the best in modern seating technology. It reacts to what people do. In designing Mirra, Studio 7.5 created a chair that functions like a second skin, like a shadow of a sitter. You just sit on it and it fits. Designed in tandem with Herman Miller, Mirra's design reveals its function, as in the geometric shapes that allow the backrest to conform to your body and let air through to keep you cool. BuildingGreen chose Mirra as a top 10 green product of 2003. It's the first office chair made "eco-effectively," an approach that ensures everything about a product is kind to the earth.

Eames Aluminum and Management Chairs
Modern classic office seating is also available. These chairs were cutting edge for their time, and they are still imitated to this day. The authentic aluminum and soft pad group are still available from Herman Miller, and are just as comfortable as ever.