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Herman Miller Storage Cabinets, Units, and Miniature Chests

Herman Miller designs have been gracing homes and offices since before the 1970s. Each piece is crafted with both artistry and functionality in mind. When it comes to organizing your home or office, Herman Miller shelving and storage offers durability and unique design that will last for generations to come.

The Herman Miller Commitment to Quality and Excellence
In 1996, Herman Miller became the first furniture company to partner with Toyota. The design of the "Toyota Production System" streamlined the production process and eliminated unnecessary movement and inventory. This dramatically increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Space-Saving Design
If you're working in a small office that simply must be space-efficient, Herman Miller storage pieces are designed with you in mind. Our media cabinets are attractive, stylish and work well with any decor. Herman Miller creations can offer small, rounded designs that easily fit your computer, printer, files or other tools you need readily available. There are even pieces that roll out of the way when not in use.

Created to Work Together
Herman Miller shelving and storage creations aren't just stand-alone pieces. You can redecorate your entire office with pieces created to work together. They fit together like a puzzle you design to suit your needs. Keep cabinets on the floor or stack them out of the way. Each large storage unit is also designed to be used alone or together, depending on your storage needed.

Quality Materials
These days, furniture isn't built the way it used to be. Not so with Herman Miller designs. Each piece is designed from eco-friendly materials designed to last for generations. Zinc-coated steel, smooth plywood and solid paneling are the mark of quality craftsmanship you can trust.

Lasting Durability
This craftsmanship ensures that the purchase you make is a solid investment. These pieces are designed to last for decades with normal use. They can even be passed down as heirloom pieces for generations to come. This means a Herman Miller storage piece isn't just built for your home or office; it can become a part of your family.

Artful Creations
In addition to superior functionality, Herman Miller designs offer a unique, modern look that's sure to stand apart and impress. With striking cross-supports, perforated paneling and a wide selection of colors, these sturdy pieces will suit just about any decor.

Earth Friendly
Herman Miller prides itself on offering a selection of high-quality furniture that's easy on the environment. The Design for Environment team ensures pieces are made from recycled materials and built to last. Both materials and recyclability are always taken into consideration during construction and delivery.

If you're searching for the perfect storage piece for your home or office, you need look no further than Herman Miller designs. Herman Miller offers the same precision manufacture you can expect from a major automobile factory but with a personable approach customers expect. Smart Furniture has everything you need to de-clutter your environment and simplify your life while reducing your carbon footprint.

Getting everything in order at home can be quite a task sometimes. Herman Miller storage units and shelving will not only help you get it all organized, they'll help you do it in style. With a mix of classic designs by some of the most celebrated designers who worked with Herman Miller and new mobile office cabinets and storage shelves, Smart Furniture's selection of home organization shelving is sure to help you get your home organized. With numerous shelving designs that would later be known as the very first modular shelves, it's only fitting that Herman Miller is now available at Smart Furniture (we're in the modular shelving business ourselves).