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Coffee Tables, End Tables and Dining Tables by Herman Miller

Responsible for some of the most celebrated furniture designs of the 20th century, Herman Miller's collection of modern tables is available at Smart Furniture. Made by such names as Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, these tables add a sense of style to any space in the home. Smart Furniture offers outstanding customer support and can help you get the exact coffee table by Herman Miller that you want.

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Herman Miller has been providing innovative, functional furniture to the public since 1970. When you add a Herman Miller table to your home or office, you can be assured you're getting the very best. Each innovative creation has been designed by renowned furniture craftsman such as Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson.

Functional Art for Your Home or Office
The piece you select will depend on your personal taste, surroundings and needs. Let's take a look at the type of quality Herman Miller tables provides:

Solid Manufacturing
A Herman Miller table is a sound investment in good, quality manufacturing. These tables were built as works of art that stand the test of time and endure to be passed down for generations to come.

Larger pieces are created to be easily assembled and reassembled for convenient, no-hassle shipping and set-up.

Herman Miller tables are not only creative, durable works of art; they're designed with versatility in mind. Whether you need a small round Herman Miller table for an apartment or a larger piece for a full-service dining area, Smart Furniture has just what you're looking for.

These pieces aren't designed to fit into just one type of home or office. Each Herman Miller table has an elegant design and many come in a variety of colors sure to fit into any decor. There's even one small, decorative table that doubles as a party tray!

Eco-Friendly Design
Herman Miller tables bring modern innovation to life by streamlining their process through a unique system and staying green.

When you purchase any one of the Herman Miller tables, you'll be investing in an environmentally-friendly piece. The Design for Environment team ensures your table is designed with quality and durability in mind. Herman Miller tables are built strong to withstand repeated use, repair, maintenance and reassembly using standard parts. Materials and recyclability are both always taken into consideration.

Herman Miller tables are designed with form and functionality in mind. When you purchase a Herman Miller table, you're making a sound investment that will last for generations. Whether you want a small piece to accent your office or a bold centerpiece for your living room, Smart Furniture has what you need.

The Toyota Production System
To keep up with customer demand and streamline the production process, Herman Miller became the one and only furniture manufacturer to develop a working relationship with Toyota. The "Toyota Production System" reduced movement, reduced inventory and space and vastly increased production. Herman Miller's motto is you'll get what you need when you want it on time and in one complete shipment.

Herman Miller tables are designed with you in mind. They're created to fit into and accentuate your surroundings while making life a little simpler. Each piece is painstakingly hand-crafted using a streamlined production system that guarantees customer satisfaction. Choose from an art piece to draw the eye or a simple round table to showcase photos or curios. The eco-conscious design and solid manufacturing of Herman Miller tables make them a worthwhile investment for any home or office.