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Componibili Small Round Storage Modules
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Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench
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Buena Vista 6-Cube Storage
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Stuart 3 x 2 Cube Shelf
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Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf
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Cubbie Bench with Cushion
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3x3 Storage Cube
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Stacked 6-Bin Storage Cubby
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Stacked 4-Bin Storage Cubby
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Stackable 3-Bin Storage Cubby
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Stackable 2-Bin Storage Cubby
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Cubes aren't just for squares!

And cubbies aren't just for kindergarteners. They offer a ton of utility to many different rooms of your home and can even be used for closet storage and organization. Cubbies are a great way to add functional and attractive storage to problem areas, and with a bit of creativity, you can turn organization into designer chic.

Shoe storage

Some homes have a strict policy of no shoes indoors which does a great job of preserving your flooring. The problem is that shoes inevitably pile up at different entrances in your home. Even though your carpet will be spick and span, your doorways will be cluttered with your family's footwear. A shoe storage cubbie at each home entrance will clean up those scattered shoes and bring back cleanliness to your entryways. You could even elect for a multi-use piece of furniture like the Cubbie Bench with storage. You get a place to stash your shoes and a place to sit when you put them on and take them off.

Hang it up!

Cubbies don't always have to sit on the ground. Items like the Entryway Cubbie Shelf by Prepac mount to the wall! It consists of three cubbies on top that you can use for storing keys, purses, or towels. Underneath those cubbies, you get four coat hooks. If you need to store a bunch of stuff in your entryway, you can upgrade to the 60” size and get two extra coat hooks and an extra storage cube.

Don't forget the closets!

Cubbies also work great for closets, helping you keep your storage spaces clean and organized. Since cubbie shelves are highly space efficient, you can use them for books, socks, artwork and everything in between. Add some baskets for a nifty alternative to traditional chest of drawers!

Break it up.

Larger cubbie shelves can also be used as a utilitarian room divider for studio apartments. Grab a larger unit like the 5x5 Smart Bookshelf and put it between your sofa and dining area. Instead of a one-room living space, you now have partitioned areas that help guide more efficient usage of your limited space. The shelves allow you to display your books and collectables while also offering extra storage if needed.

Cubbie shelves offer tons of utility and can fit in almost every room of your home. Use a wall mounted cubby at your home's entrance to clear up discarded coats or place a cubbie bench next to the door for shoes. The only limit to the uses of cubbie shelves is your own imagination!