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Hon Office Chairs

HON is internationally renowned for the incredible products they've made for storage and filing. What sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is their gift for producing comfortable, ergonomic, and attractive office chairs. On this page you'll be able to browse the wide selection of HON office chairs now available at Smart Furniture. All of them are built to a precise and demanding standard of excellence, all are designed to be good for your body (more than just comfort, in other words) and all of them are created with unique looks and personalities. Which one is right for you?

We've divided our selection into three major categories. Work Chairs, Task Chairs, and Executive Chairs. Each category has its own unique strengths and goals, and each were built with a commitment to detail, excellence, and efficiency. All them are perfect matches for other HON furniture as well. Systems like the Voi Collection make it easy to surround yourself with harmonious and well-considered HON furniture and storage options. Whether you're looking for a stand alone office chair or complete set, this page is a great place to start. So what's the difference between a HON work chair, task chair, and executive chair? So glad you asked:

Task Chairs
Task chairs are meant to be places where work is done for short periods of time. They aren't necessarily the best choices for desk chairs (because they aren't designed to be perfectly comfortable for ten hours at a time) but they're perfect for break rooms, computer stations, cafeteria areas, or any other section of your office where lots of different people sit for shorter periods of time to accomplish specific tasks. They tend to be more affordable and value priced that work chairs and executive chairs. They also have a wider selection than those two categories.

On this page we have choices from the HON ComforTask, Basyx and Volt collections, all of which have a unique angle on what makes a great task chair. Let's take a closer look:

The Basyx series have a more squared-up look than the others (though the corners are still soft and rounded), and the effect is elegant. The back of the chair comes in a variety of shapes and sizes (still hewing to a "squared" look) and many of the models include armrests (the HVL220, 620, and 630). You can choose between a variety of colors for the fabric of each chair, making the product more personal and customized to fit your tastes (and your office decor).

The ComforTask Chairs are simple and elegant. The back and the seat of the chair are both "rounded squares." The back has a slight impression running straight down the middle to keep your back well supported and comfortable. The seat has a waterfall edge, a downward slope at the front of the chair that keeps your blood circulation normal and cuts down on discomfort, numbness, and wear and tear.

The Volt Chairs have a wide seat and a wide back, with a cool "V" support linking the two. These chairs are designed to accommodate practically any body type. The back of the chair is concave, inviting in the user and somewhat embracing their back and shoulders. These models are also available in a good range of colors.

Work Chairs
Work Chairs are heavy duty. They're designed to be your main office chair, the surface on which you do the vast majority of your day to day work. They're durable, strong, ergonomic, and beautifully designed. They're built to handle the strain and pressure of a long day at the office for years and years, just like their owner. All HON office chairs are built specifically to accomplish certain tasks, increase comfort and productivity, and look great. But these chairs in particular are designed for hard work in the day to day trenches of the modern office.

The Ignition Chair is one of the flagship products in the entire HON office chair universe. This chair utilizes suspension technology to get the most possible benefit out of the least possible materials. The result is a chair that's low in cost, high in functionality, incredibly comfortable and masterfully designed. Less is more, and nowhere is that maxim more definitively proved than in the Ignition Chair. This office chair from HON is also equipped with myriad adjustments that allow the user to customize the chair precisely to their ideal comfort specifications.

Other work chair models can be found in the extensive Basyx collection. Basyx models that achieve the work chair distinction include the HVL521, 531, 701 and 721. Each model has a different look and feel, different methods of construction, and different levels of comfort and ergonomic excellence. All are capable and effective work chairs. The HVL 701 model is probably the most impressive. It combines a sophisticated mesh back with a fine leather seat, for a combination that's off the charts in terms of achieving style and comfort at the same time.