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HON Desks and Workstations

HON produces two different lines of desking products, the Voi Collection of workstations and the Basyx BW workstations. Both have much to recommend them, and both bring the well known flair for organization, storage and durability that HON is famous for to the forefront of office design.

HON is where they are today because they created an incredible line of filing, storage, and organization products. Now they've begun to branch out and create chairs and workstations and desks, and the results are fantastic. Nowadays HON is beginning to show the world what they can do with desks, and they can do an amazing amount. One of the best examples of this is the series of Basyx BW Workstations. There are four different major variations in the series, all with unique abilities and thing to recommend them. What they all share is a great sense of style and a commitment to making buyers more efficient, productive, and satisfied at work.

The BW Workstations are great works of desking and organization. But perhaps even more impressive is the HON Voi Collection, which brings a real sense of style and contemporary flair to the basic excellence of the BWs.

These HON desks represent the results of deep and original thinking about the problems and opportunities presented by the modern office desking system. The great designers at HON took each and every one of them on, and succeeded in creating systems that answer the needs of office workers and office administrators alike. HON desks are committed to cutting down on the footprint of your workstation (doing more with less space), helping to organize, store and categorize your working life, look beautiful in any office, and bring creative solutions to the problems of electronics (aka out of control wiring). If you or your office are looking for desking systems that can wear multiple hats, work in a variety of mediums, and make your office more efficient, attractive and productive, then look no further than the Voi Collection of HON desks.

One of the most important priorities in creating a brand new HON desking system is to make it flexible and adaptable. The Voi system was built to be versatile and give the buyer real choices about what the desk will look like and how it will perform before and after their purchase. With this collection you'll be given an optimal layout and all the materials you need - you can then further customize it if you so wish, or simply build it the way it was designed and watch your office become more efficient and productive overnight (not to mention better looking!).

The Voi system is very democratic. They weren't built only for the corner office or the top floor. They are built for everyone, for every office and every worker. The functions the desk performs and the comparatively low price point make this a natural fit in almost any environment. You can use a Voi system to update a single room, a single workstation, or to completely revolutionize your entire office. They're built to work beautifully (and fit in) either way. HON desks are a good way to create a cubicle layout without having to actually build cubicles - they keep everyone separated and give workers plenty of space, without cutting off the lines of communication that keep a good office flowing and working together.

Of course, not every office will want to completely redesign their layout. Even if they do, there is still the question of decor - will the new desking system clash with it? HON desks are built to blend in. Voi is simple and contemporary, while the BW Workstations are more classic. Both systems fit beautifully in almost any office environment because they're tasteful and restrained without losing their vitality.

Both sets of HON desks were built with what HON calls a "light footprint." That means the designers have taken care to expand your capacity for work, storage and organization without literally expanding the square footage your desk or workstation has to take up. Both Voi and the BW Workstations work to keep the footprint low and the functionality high - and that's the very definition of efficiency.

Don't delay - get your HON desking system today!