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The HON Voi Collection

The HON Voi series of desks are a gorgeous meditation on office work. They were built to answer every need and solve almost every problem the typical office might encounter. Storage options, ample work surface, the accommodation of electronics, and an imaginative pursuit of the ultimate workspace are all the hallmarks of a great Voi Desking system from HON. Long renowned for their filing and storage creations, HON has been making a name for themselves recently as an office furniture powerhouse, producing everything from ergonomic chairs to one-stop shop desking systems like the Voi Collection. If you're looking for a desk or workstation that can wear a large number of hats, keep you comfortable and productive, provide lots of storage and look great while doing it, look no further than Voi.

It was important to the designers of HON that the Voi Collection be customizable. That's why you as the consumer have lots of choice you can make when selecting the right system for you. Even after you make your choice and start putting the system together, you'll have plenty of opportunities to adjust and re-arrange, all in the service of putting together the ultimate workstation. The Voi Collection gives you all the materials you need (and a suggestion for the optimum layout) and lets you take it from there.

Voi Desks aren't meant for only corner offices and executive suites. These desking systems were designed to meet the needs of every modern office worker, and they do so with aplomb. The Voi Collection seeks to democratize the work environment by creating a workstation that fits the needs of everyone in it, and that can be effectively used by anyone and everyone. The workstations are also great dividers, in a literal sense - they help to break up the office into smaller chunks, and give workers plenty of personal space.

When HON built this collection they were mindful to build something that was beautiful and classic, but also adaptable. The shapes and colors chosen for the Voi system are meant to be perfect for practically any office decor or environment. They're designed to be almost chameleon-like. Nothing is worse for the harmony of an office layout than for one desk (or one large centerpiece, in this case) to clash completely with everything else. This collection was designed to make sure that doesn't happen.

The Voi was designed with what HON calls a "light footprint." That means that elements of the desking system can fit inside each other, be moved around, and essentially meet the highest standards of efficiency. That gives you more storage, more power, and more desk in the same amount of space you might be using now. That's just one more way HON is helping people to work smart.