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Humanscale Another peripheral office tool that has proven useful is the CPU holder. Usually attaching to the bottom of the desk surface to the right or left of the user, CPU holders encase some part of the computer tower. At the very least, they should protect the CPU and extend its lifespan, but the good CPU holders are also designed with ergonomics in mind. Easily installed, a CPU holder can have ergonomic benefits for the user. If you often find yourself straining just insert a disc into your CPU tower, plug in a USB cable, or just restart it, then a CPU holder could be a simple solution that provides lots of convenience.

Placed within arm's reach, the hardware of your CPU can now be accessed quickly and easily- no more ducking underneath your desk or pulling your tower out. Most CPU holders pivot or rotate at their attachment point- giving you access to the front and back of your computer tower without having to leave your seat. This functionality also makes cable management much easier. Ergonomically, the CPU holder eliminates the need for unpleasant straining just to access the computer tower underneath the desk.

There are lots of reasons to buy a CPU holder, especially when it's made by Humanscale.

  1. CPU holders protect vital information.
    Your computer is one of the most valuable items you have not because it's a fancy piece of machinery, but because of what is stored on it. Everything from your previous year's tax records, to your list of business contacts, to your hundreds of hours of mp3S might be stored on your computer. A Humanscale CPU holder protects your computer from spills, horseplay at home (or at the office, if you're in the right office), pets, even flooding. The Humanscale CPU Holder 555 even has a security option to prevent tampering.

    Also, because the CPU holder lifts your computer off the floor, it increases ventilation to it- reducing wear and tear and increasing its lifespan.

  2. Ergonomic Tools are Convenient and User-Friendly.
    A CPU holder is above all else an ergonomic accessory. Fitting securely beneath your desktop within arm's reach, your computer will be much easier to manipulate thanks to its proximity and the flexibility. Depending on the model, your CPU holder will pivot, turn, and/or move along a nylon track to make it easily accessible. No more struggling to pop in a new CD underneath your desk, and no more dragging your CPU out to plug in a new power cord. Everything just gets easier.

  3. 15-Year Warranty Included.
    This one is simple enough. Humanscale stands behind its product with a 15-year warranty. It's not a surprise, given that they're made out of powder-coated steel, these CPU holders will probably outlive the desk that they're attached to.

  4. Cleaning Just Got Easier
    The space beneath the computer desk is often the dirtiest place in the home. Not only can you not clean around your computer tower which is sitting on your floor, but the cables running to your tower cause tons of clutter and make sweeping and vacuuming out of the question on most cleaning days. But when you have a Humanscale CPU holder, your computer tower is off the floor, and cleaning underneath your desk becomes possible again. Integrated cord management in the holder's frame even minimizes the clutter caused by all those cords and cables.