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Humanscale Office AccessoriesThe proliferation of computers in the last few decades has caused an equal proliferation in the field of office and desktop accessories. No company has led the charge to make working at a computer more comfortable and convenient than Humanscale.

Whether you're looking for an ergonomic mouse pad, a task light, or a laptop holder, Humanscale has the solution for you. Humanscale office accessories are all ergonomically designed to meet a specific need and fill a specific void. Take the Diffrient Light, for instance. The problem Niels Diffrient saw was that much light is wasted in the space of an office, while the worker still didn't get a sufficient amount of light at their desktop. The solution? Design a desk lamp that focused its light on a small area- the immediate work area- thus saving energy and providing illumination only where it's needed. The result is the ergonomic Diffrient Lamp- designed specifically with the user in mind to prevent eye strain- one of the most overlooked ailments in the workplace today.

A host of other ergonomic products and accessories made to support the computer user were designed by Humanscale. The Switch Mouse takes the concept of the ergonomic mouse to a whole new level. It can be switched from the right to the left hand and programmed to perform special functions. A range of Humanscale gel mouse pads are available to support the Switch Mouse.

Have a laptop? Humanscale laptop holders are perfect complements. They prop your laptop up on your desk when you're using it in sync with another monitor, making is more visible and easier to use. The Humanscale office also includes the Neat Links Cable Management system- an easy-to-use series of cable ducts that you can place anywhere underneath your desk or on a wall. No matter what kind of desk accessories you're looking for, Humanscale has you covered.

Copy StandCopy Stand
One of the most frequently unergonomic tasks most office workers perform is copying from paper to computer at the desk. Nothing too complicated- but most workers are forced to copy without the appropriate tools. Standard practice is to lay whatever source is being copied from flat on the desk to the left or to the right of the keyboard tray, and then to turn and twist the head over and over again while copying.

Humanscale's copy holders keep your work directly in front of you at a spot optimal for copying; this design eliminates the need for repetitive lateral head movements that can lead to sore, strained necks. This dramatically reduces neck and upper back stress and significantly impacts output. The Humanscale copy holder even features a magnifying glass that can be slid along the page to help read smaller print without squinting; this goes a long way to preventing eye strain.

Neat Links Cable ManagementCable Management
Cable management is a problem that has risen in significance with the advent of the computer age. Not only can recklessly placed cables and cords be unsightly, then can become ergonomic issues if the user is forced to deal with them by placing his or her body in awkward, strained positions (example: when your cell phone charger cord falls off your desk and you have to retrieve it).

A variety of solutions exist for cable management, but one of the most versatile is the Neat Links system by Humanscale. Neat Links can be easily placed on, around, and underneath your desk to provide cable management wherever you need it.

Ergonomic Computer MouseThe Ergonomic Mouse
Mousing has become one of the most commonplace actions we make, especially in the work environment. The computer mouse goes hand in hand with the desktop computer, and although the mouse itself is a miraculous tool, it has its drawbacks when it comes to our health. When we make repetitive actions with our wrists, and we do it on a daily basis, we expose ourselves to carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel contains the median nerve, and repetitive which can become irritated and become extremely painful when movements in the wrist put pressure on it. Frequently, when we mouse, our hand pivots up at the wrist, a movement known as wrist flexion. Wrist flexion puts pressure on the carpal tunnel, which can result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fortunately, a solution is available in the ergonomic mouse. The Switch Mouse by Humanscale is a leading ergonomic computer mouse. It features a five-button dish for navigating that is much easier on the wrists than the traditional scroll bar. It also allows you to scroll horizontally as an added convenience. The Switch Mouse is also ambidextrous, switching (hence the name) from a right-hand version to a left-hand version in seconds. Perhaps most importantly, it is size adjustable to fit anyone's hand. A built-in palm support prevents wrist flexion/anchoring and goes a long way toward preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. Every aspect of the Switch Mouse was designed with ergonomics in mind for the user.

Ergonomic Mouse PadErgonomic Mouse Pads
One of the fast options to prevent wrist anchoring. The gel support provides a soft support that conforms to the wrist, straightening the hand at the joint and preventing wrist flexion.

An ergonomic mouse pad is a cost-effective way to prevent health issues associated with your wrists- the most common of which is carpal tunnel syndrome. Without support, your mouse hand can suffer significant stress from hours at the computer. A gel mouse pad goes a long way toward eliminating this risk by elevating the wrist where carpal tunnel often develops.